Entirely new style at Essensuals Bugis!
Date: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 ( 19:04 ) 0 comments

So I've been thinking of cutting my hair short so that it'll be less of a hassle when wearing wigs. So I actually went to google "popular 2014 hair styles" on Google and got one that I really! really! like! BUT! my hair is too thick to have that style ;u; ah well. I can try to style it/curl/anything hopefully can get something like that. I wanted a style that can look kinda boyish at the same time but this is!! Just plain feminine LOL. I went to my stylist with the photo but she said my hair can't have it _(:3

But anyway, after that I went to dye my hair because I wanted to dye my hair brown but because I still have green hair from the faded Manic Panic last December I thought I should go to a salon to get the green off properly (it didn't, but that's for later).
I went to groupon to get a deal for a hair dye because those things are expensive yo, and got one at Hair Eclipse, including treatment which was $48.

So I went there, and the stylist totally didn't do anything to remove my green hair colour. Yea, she told me that she'll just layer colour over it but the green might still be there and I acknowledged that but um, hello, shouldn't you do something to get rid of the colour? If a legit customer went to you and asked for the same thing would you just layer colour over it? And actually tbh the colour I chose was ash brown and it didn't come out ashy at all orz
It felt like I went to WATSON'S and bought the liese or palty hair dye and did it on my own hair please. Colour payoff not there and green colour still stuck there even though I made the effort and forked out money to go to a salon. ==" Did they do this just because I used a groupon? Srsly leh, the reason for a groupon is to promote yourself right? Then if you treat groupon customers like that you ain't gonna get new regulars you know?!

Honestly man, I think I'll just stick to Essensuals for all my hair stuff in future.
Btw, at Essensuals, while washing your hair they include a scalp massage and omg that is the best thing ever. I love their hair massage and I think they are very professional. The water doesn't get in your face at all. Like when I went to dye my hair blue&green, the washing was... just nope. Didn't like it at all. And also at Hair Eclipse, didn't like the wash either. Meh.

Well anyway, my current hair style is a slightly below chin length bob with a slight undercut and concave cutting yeaaa. I wanted a less even edge but ah well. My back is really short to do anything now www.

I can just wear wigs for boys' style la. LOL.

Alrights~ going Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau for a holiday (2 days each) and flying off tomorrow! Goodbye~

*LIY でした

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