2016 Reflection Post
Date: Monday, 2 January 2017 ( 23:44 ) 0 comments

I haven't been posting lyrics for about 8 months... I just get so lazy I don't know where my time go. Is this what it means to get older...? And also writing about my Japan trip that was in December 2015. How did 2016 fly by like that. But alot of things did happen in 2016.
Maybe I should bullet list them haha.

Things I did in 2016:
Tried to make more friends. And did make more friends. Got closer to alot of ppl. I guess my social circles changed?
Applied for and went for a formal job interview for the first time. (I flunked the job application btw haha, failed the medical test.)
Took on another long-term part-time(?).
Went CF again.
Started playing more games (i7, BF(beta)).
I actually read books aside from manga. Went to the library to pass time and picked up this book called "Found in Translation". It was pretty insightful.

Things that happened in 2016.
PIKA PIKA disbandment(?). Life happens, and it just so happens that we are unable to organise events regularly anymore.
Friends graduated and got jobs.
Many changes in social lifestyle.
The cafe I've been working at closed due to lease ending, late-2016. I've been working there for probably 2 years. They're still online though, just no physical shop.
Why do I accumulate so many things.....

Things I didn't do in 2016.
A bunch of cosplans. lol
Improve my health.
Continue education.
Edit and upload really, really old pictures.
Read books that I bought a really long ago......

I was gonna write some really coherent and properly worded post but ahahaha. I can't really remember what happened in 2016. I guess that's what happens when you don't record things properly.

I haven't been actively studying since 2013...? and the thought of continuing kinda really freaks me out. I'm not sure what I should do. :l
But that being said, I have really really low qualifications. Sigh.

I should really get around to being more productive. How did I romanise so many song lyrics in the previous years but so few in 2016.

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