Church Camp 2012
Date: Friday, 22 June 2012 ( 01:16 ) 0 comments

Church camp was from 13-16 June 2012 and yes, I've finally just got my lazy butt off to blog and upload the photos/videos from the camp!

I've never been to Malacca before so it was really quite interesting there. Okay, I was pretty much confined to the perimeter around our hotel (Hotel Equatorial Malacca) because we don't really have a lot of time to walk around and explore so I can't say I've seen much of Malacca. We also went to Jonker Street as a zone on Friday night! It was fun, but really very humid because of the crowd. Kept bumping into fellow church members! And also fellow Singaporeans.

Anyway, photos all on FB. Took very very little photos. I also managed to edit the videos we took and uploaded them too! Getting the hang of iMovie now. (I'm still stuck with the old version. The new/current one is really different and I got such a shock when I first opened it)

For the camp, we had a guest speaker. He really talks a lot @A@. Okay.

I also did a lot of shopping during the camp hoho. Bought a lot of nice stuff kekeke I think I was one of those who shopped the most out of our zone :p The shopping centre near our hotel had Chatime! And it was really cheap compared to Singapore! So I really bought a lot of bubble tea during our stay in Malacca. Bubble tea addict lol.

Okay. Yup learnt a lot during the camp and also was prayed for and given a prophetic word. I think my life is full of problems lol, but it's alright God will lead me through!

(Watching BOYFRIEND's Love Style now, yes while blogging, and omg Minwoo is so cute)

Here's a photo of A&W waffles to end this post! :D I love A&W; why did they have to leave SG ):

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