Because I couldn't wipe away the scars of a love that had ended I joked around to hide my cowardice
Date: Thursday, 5 July 2012 ( 23:37 ) 0 comments

Lyrics from YUZU's Umaku Ienai. Anyway, I just got a new phone yesterday!! :D Very happy kekeke. I wanted to get a smartphone ever since KC started then got alot of stuff to handle online also and then plus I got work then very hard to use computer. Ya. Okay, anyway, a little update on my week(s)! Work finally cooled down because our full-timer who went on vacation back home in China returned! So I don't have to go down everyday and for so long....although that means more moneyy heehee. But I really gotta take a break la haha. I bought two new pairs of shorts at Cotton On after work ended today (cus it was 2 for $30 hahaha). And I really needed a new pair of black shorts because the only pair I have is fading at the seams. I think maybe I can try to do something new to it, but for now, it looks old. But it's like really popular and there's only 34 or 40. Rather than wear 1 size smaller, I'd rather get 1/2 sizes bigger (Cus I can wear 36 or 38). And I also wanna get their high-rise shorts! Mmf. I don't really like high-waisted stuff much but it's a need (HAHAHA okay I bet you don't believe me) because it looks nice when paired with certain stuff. Oya ohya! I watched f(x) performance for Electric Shock (can't remember which) and Krystal was wearing this oversized t-shirt with fringed sleeves and cut-out shoulders! I think I wanna buy a shirt and do the same thing too!! Cus it looks nice :p LSBC NETS Carnival is this Sat! And dress code is RED top. OMG why. OTL I have no red tops, at all. Yes exceptandelmoteeiboughtinsec2cusitwassellinginblogshopscoughcough Of course, it might appeal to kids, I mean, it's ELMO~ so yeah. But I want to wear it with high-waisted bottoms. Because it's short. Okay, enough crapping. The light in my room is dying. Like literally. Need to get the bulb changed.


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