First Paris Baguette experience!
Date: Friday, 16 November 2012 ( 19:41 ) 0 comments


So yesterday, I went out to Orchard to eat and walk around and decided to try out the confectionaries at Paris Baguette for the first time! The last time I went there, it was way too crowded for me to want to buy anything. The crowd was rather overwhelming.
So I thought I should try again yesterday and it was pleasantly crowd-less, but there were people sitting in the cafe of course. So now Wisma Atria has 3 levels of cafes lol. No photos, because my phone can't connect to my Mac. I should get a less bulky camera. Really want the Olympus PEN E-3 (because of the art filters)!
The breads were of lesser variety than the 1st time I visited (by half lol) but I didn't feel like eating bread so I decided to look at the cakes! *w* Lovely selection they have there. They were slightly higher-priced compared to other similar shops/bakeries but went ahead and bought 2 slices and a pudding. orz Cost me $19.50.
I bought a lemon cake-tart and a strawberry mille-crepe! I love mille-crepes! They are one of my favourite desserts, and they are relatively easy to make, if you know how to make crepes.
The mille-crepe layers were quite thick and dense for crepes, but still thin. I would say that each layer was about 2mm? And there were strawberry slices, cream and pieces of sponge cake in-between! Quite easy to eat, but after I went through half of it, the mille-crepe started falling apart and I ate it, lol. But it was nice :3 There's something about the flavour of the mille-crepe that didn't really sit quite right with me though, but I am a fussy person.
Next, the lemon cake-tart. I say cake-tart because traditional tart fillings are more of a moist, jelly kind of filling, but this one was a cake. Like an actual sponge cake sitting on top of the tart crust. And it was a sponge cake layered with lemon mousse. The lemon was super refreshing, really nice and light and the tart was nicely firm but crumbly :3 more delish.
The pudding. I did not like it, to be honest. The top was nice and firm but as I dug deeper it started to feel more like melting tau huey or something. And the caramel sauce was really watery. And it didn't have much of a taste as well :/ Had to make myself finish the pudding. Didn't have nice consistency of a pudding. Disappointed.

But packaging for takeaway was superb! They put the pudding in a insulation bag (like when you buy Royce chocolates) with a packaged piece of ice next to it. And for the cake, they have triangle "walls" to put in the box so that the cake doesn't fall on its side, and they also add a piece of ice in the box with it.

Well, I guess that concludes my Paris Baguette experience. It's really popular here. Not sure if it's because it's Korean or what. I should go to a Paris Baguette cafe in Korea too. I went in a small one at the airport last year and it was meh. And I've been wanting to try its stuff since 2 years ago when our car drove past a Paris Baguette on the way to the hotel. And I saw it last year as well. I think I can recognise roads in Korea already, lol. And it's not as if I'm a direction-idiot, hahaha.
So concludes this post. Byeeee~

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