Seoul Holiday!
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4 days into the New Year already! I wonder how it's been for everyone?
I haven't really started on any NYResolution list, though I have already made a few resolutions.

I got back from Bangkok on 31 Dec, at night, and headed soon after to church for Watchnight, which is our countdown!

Anyway, I just thought I'd write a few blog entries on my vacation to Seoul, Korea!
I didn't really take many photos... I think I just don't have the habit for spontaneous photo-taking? ^^;;
DAY 1:
Day 1 was already 24 December, even though we left Singapore on 23rd night. We arrived in the morning... I spent the night watching Pride & Prejudice and reading British VOGUE. There was an article on One Direction in the magazine, and I thought I'd try to match the names to faces, based on the description of the members in the article. I failed. I only got Zayn correct. orz
Well, then after arriving in Seoul, my dad went to rent a portable Wi-Fi device (that's why I was so active on Twitter/Insta and Whatsapp, haha! Even posted a few FB updates xP) then we had somewhat of a breakfast at a cafe in the airport before heading to a waterpark. The waterpark was in the city and it's apparently one of the best waterparks? (In the city I assume, because what can beat Caribbean Bay?) SO! You know those towels that you see on the heads when you watch K-drama or Happy Together(Is that the variety show? Not sure if it's right)?? Our tour guide taught us how to fold one heehee. Anyway I didn't go play in the pools, I just stayed at the. Um. I forgot what it's called, but again, you should have seen it in some K-dramas hoho. It's a public space, where you wear a blue tee + shorts, with the towel on your head, and then you can sit there and talk etc. Yeah anyway, I just stayed there. And had a half an hour nap after going in and out the saunas lol. My dad went to find me at 1 and then we had lunch in the waterpark. After that, we headed to the hotel (COEX Intercontinental Seoul), had another nap, before going off to dinner~ Had steamboat. :D Then there was still some time left, so we could go Myeongdong shop~ =w= bought some CDs and beauty products (and got alot of samples lol). Pretty much know my way around Myeongdong now. It's quite straightforward anyway. This is like my 3rd year there I think.

OH. And it snowed that night!! Finally! White Christmas! Yeah, the previous times I've been to Korea it never snowed. There was once it snowed, but it was a bit. Another year, it snowed. After Christmas. And through the night so I didn't get to see it... But last year it snowed and I saw it =w=

Day 2: YAY WHITE CHRISTMAS! Super happy hahaha. Anyway that day was the day we headed to the ski resort! We went Phoenix Ski Resort, and boy, there were alot of tourists. Many Singaporeans, and also one of my dad's tour groups, and many many Thai people.
My sister and I snowboarded, but I didn't snowboard alot. Because I suck lol. TBH I discovered the secret of snowboarded after a while, then decided that it's too much for my legs to handle because it (HURTS SO DAMN FREAKING BAD LIKE OMFG MY MUSCLES ARE BURNING) hurts for my legs to maintain the semi-squat position so I decided I'd ski instead. I need to exercise more.. orz

Anyway, Day 3 and 4 were also spent at the ski resort, so nothing much to report. Day 5 we left in the morning and headed for Everland~! It was cold, but better than the previous year. But because it snowed before, some rides were closed. Sat only a few rides, looked around at souvenirs (and didn't buy any lol) and took a few pictures~ The main attraction there was the Christmas Fantasy parade sometime at 2? Yeah. Left Everland just as the sun was about to set, at 5PM, and headed to Myeongdong area again (LOTTE Departmental Store) for dinner~ After dinner, went to the Duty Free area downstairs in the departmental building store to buy some cosmetics~ Crazy. At stores where the brand isn't available outside Korea, the crowd was like siao. And I pretty much had my impression of Chinese-speaking countries degraded. Seriously ah, cannot stand them sia. Not sure where they were from, maybe some parts of China or Taiwan. And then there was this guy was raged at something like seriously? Anyway, there also wasn't much stuff I wanted to buy there so after getting some stuff my sister and I decided to hit the actual stores in Myeongdong St. MUCH LESS packed and so much better.

My sister and I bought quite a few items and I also bought 1 more CD ^^;
The next day we were gonna fly to Bangkok for something like a getaway (usually we go there to shop like mad and eat dinner with my dad's friends but last year was just dinner because I wanted to shop in SG) but we had to leave the hotel at 5AM. (SIAO) so I didn't sleep at all. And since we had Wi-Fi I spent the entire night being a fangirl (LOL!!) Watched the last episode of K (all the feels!! ;A;) and spent time on NND, yeah. So I pretty much KO-ed on the plane later. Was super unglam the entire time in the airport, yawning and all that. When I got on the plane my sister and I just KO-ed man. Zzzz all the way til we arrived over Bangkok's skies.

And that concludes my family vacation to Seoul! There isn't anything to blog about Bangkok actually, so yeah, no entries on that!
Sorry if the post is not detailed enough. AND SORRY FOR THE LACK OF PHOTOS D:

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