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Hello I am back! Because the CDs I ordered from CD Japan last week arrived on Tuesday~ When I was not at home ahaha so I had to go down to the post office to collect it the next day... I bought a total of 7 CDs from CD Japan! (Why do I sound like I'm so proud of spending so much money....)
Anyway I downloaded the Blogger app so I simply upload the images taken on my phone through that app ahahaha problem solved! So in future I will uploading entries with more phone-quality peektures~ (In case you didn't know, my phone doesn't connect to my Macbook so I can't transfer files to-and-fro) I knew about the existence of the Blogger app since it came out but I didn't download it as I didn't see a need for it. It didn't occur to me that I can upload photos through that app instead of trying to connect my phone lol.

SO! My purchases!

From top: PIKO's HITOKOE - 42701340 -. The number is the total number of views his videos have gotten, at time of compilation. It's not a phone number, though if you call you might reach someone with that number hoho. I bought the regular edition by the way... Because I decided I didn't need the limited edition (which has 3 extra songs, 2 of which I already have from his other CDs. The last one... Well... I guess I don't really... need it.... okay I'm not gonna think about it)
Tears In
人生レセットボタン (Life Reset Button; Jinsei Risetto Botan)
モザイクロール (Mozaik Role; Mozaiku Rooru)["Mozaik" is the translation of Mozaiku, confirmed by DECO*27 himself]
千本桜 (A Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees; Senbonzakura)
セツナトリップ (Instantaneous Trip; Setsuna Torippu)
ウタカタストロフィ (A Song Catastrophe(?); Uta Katasutorofi)
When PIKO revealed the tracklist in the NicoNama he held for Hitokoe, I totally flipped. At that time, "Tears In" wasn't revealed, but he said that DECO*27 will be writing a song for the album and I seriously got excited. Since then I've been waiting for its release eagerly~ I think the announcement was made last December? Yup. Oh, the CD came with a postcard =w= This album is also only on limited sale, until sometime in May. Song Catastrophe is also a song PIKO made as ChuutoroP.

Next is Marasy's V-box! This was released like really long ago lol. 31 October I think. Haha...;; I heard about it on his NicoNama and wanted to buy it. I really love Marasy's pianoo arrangements~ And also at that time, some of the songs on the album were not uploaded on NicoDou so... But now most of them are up >.> BUT THE POINT WAS. The first press came with a bonus CD which I really wanted but last year I was really broke so I couldn't really get it and then. Yeah. But I still went ahead to buy it last week even though the CD is no more. Because I really love Marasy's playing lol. And also have you ever heard his voice before? I don't know why but seriously Japanese people just have really nice voices I swear. /slapped My listening isn't very good so whenever I watch NicoNamas I understand like maybe half-ish of what they say but I have to really concentrate and I can't do anything else so sometimes when I'm doing work I just keep their Nama on to hear their voices. (Weirdo)
TRACKLIST (will list original producer as well)
千本桜 (KuroUsaP, 黒うさP)
パンダヒーロー (Hachi, ハチ) (Panda Hero, Panda Hiiroo)
からくりピエロ (40mP) (Puppet Pierrot, Karakuri Piero)
想像フォレスト (Jin aka Shizen no TekiP, 自然の敵Pことじん) (Imagination Forest, Souzou Foresuto)
六兆年と一夜物語 (kemu) (A Tale of 6 Billion Years and 1 Night, Roku-chou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari)
アマツキツネ (Marasy) (Celestial Fox, Amatsukitsune)
pianissimo (Marasy)
初音ミクの消失 (cosMo@bousouP, cosMo@暴走P) (The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune, Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu)
cat's dance (Marasy)
カゲロウデイズ (Jin aka Shizen no TekiP, 自然の敵Pことじん) (Heat-haze Days(Daze), Kagerou Deizu)
ハロ / ハワユ (Nauno, ナウノ) (Hello/How Are You, Haro/Hawayu)
空想少女への恋手紙 (Marasy) (Love Letters to the Girl of my Dreams(?), Kuusou Shoujo e no Koitegami)
blackbox (Marasy) (This song hasn't been uploaded yet!)
アンハッピーリフレイン (wowaka) (Unhappy Refrain, Anhappii Rifurein)
ゴーゴー幽霊船 (Hachi, ハチ) (Gogo(?) Ghost Ship, Goo Goo Yuureisen)
I think the "goo goo" part is supposed to sound like some spooky sound? Tbh I really don't know because I wasn't really into the song)

Third one is the WhiteFlame x 96Neko album! 月と星の虚構空間 (Tsuki to Hoshi no Kyokou Kuukan). Listened to the songs that were uploaded on NND and I really like it. And Kuro-chan's voiceeee. She's super awesome and I really like her! So I had to buy it. And of course KuroUsaP!! Another one of favourite producers :3 I don't really have much to say for this because it was like "WhiteFlame x Kuro-chan? BUY." Haha.
流れ星 (Shooting Star, Nagareboshi)
サヨナラ (Goodbye, Sayonara)
Find Out
三日月姫 (Princess of the Crescent Moon, Mikadzuki Hime) [YES same as the root5 song but with a different arrangement!)
下弦の月 (The Waning Moon, Kagen no Tsuki)
カンタレラ (Cantarella, Kantarera) (feat Saitou Neko, with a new arrangement as well~ Lovely violinnnnnn)

Fourth one is Wotamin's Eternal Voice~ Also wanted to buy it since its announcement on Wotamin's NicoNama.
螺旋の祈り (Spiralling Prayer(?), Rasen no Inori)
. OP for a game いざ、出陣!恋戦 第一幕・回想録
. Image Song for the game AMNESIA
少女暴動 (A Girl's Riot, Shoujo Boudou)
. Produced by Last Note.!
風は憶えてる (The Wind Remembers, Kaze wa Oboeteru)
. ED for PSP version of Hakuouki Reimeiroku Nagorikusa
ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール (Disabled people of the online game speaking in chorus(?-gosh I have no idea how this translates), Netoge Haijin Shupurehikooru)
鏡花水月 (Mirror, Flower, Water, Moon; Kyouka Suigetsu) (I really apologise for the crappy literal translation but it's really hard to capture the essence of Kyouka Suigetsu in English... I suggest you google for a culture meaning orz)
rain stops, good-bye
. Produced by Junky!

Fifth One! Oh gosh this entry is getting so long. ROOT FIVE MIKADZUKI HIME. Okay, I try to save money when I can so since the rest of root5's singles will be in their new album, I decided to just get Mikdzuki Hime. I got the regular edition because there's solo versions of the title song~! Anyway, there's just Mikadzuki Hime and the group version on Senbonzakura in this single.

Number six is Pokota's debut album 28歳で会社を辞めて音楽活動に専念しているぽこたああああああああああああ (Pokota who quit his job at 28 years old and started on musical activities)sth like that. Gosh I am so tired typing so much.
ドラマチック夢物語 (Dramatic Dream Story; Doramachikku Yume Monogatari)
愛憎ジレンマ (Dilemma of Love and Hate; Aizou Jirenma)
友人はみんな結婚しました。(All of my friends have gotten married.; Yuujin wa minna kekkon shimashita.)
誰がハゲやねん (Who's a baldy!; Dare ga hage yanen)
10 years ago
これからもずっと… (From here on as well, always...; Kore kara mo zutto...)
See You Again

saigo. (really really tired now. And also I have to make dinner) Hana-tan's Primrose Flower Voice! I wasn't really anticipating this much actually, but I really like Hana-tan's voice and after listening to the crossfade I decided to buy it haha. Haven't got the time to listen to it yet though.
砂上 (Sand; Sajou) .Produced by doriko
ライ ライ ライ (Rai rai rai) .Produced by Sakuo
flower of sorrow .Produced by OSTER Project
山桜 (Wild Cherry Tree; Yama Zakura) [Sorry I can't read the name of the composer/lyricist, will update when I get it]
狐ノ嫁入リ (A Fox's Wedding; Kitsune no Yomeiri)[OKAY we all know it actually means a sunshower. Sorry couldn't help it :p] .Produced by OSTER Project
Friction .Produced by doriko
泣いてる獣 (The Crying Wild Animal; Naiteru Kemono)[Yesyes, "kemono" means "beast" but I don't think it sounds nice] .Produced by Amano Tsuki
Summer Drops .Produced by doriko
Message .Produced by doriko
蛍火 (Light of the Firefly; Hotaru-bi) .Produced by doriko
花のうた (Flower Song; Hana no Uta) .Produced by Kawae Minako
TRUE MAGIC..... .Lyrics: Tororo; Music: HAL with Hiroki
. OP for PC game Da Capo III

Aaaaaaah~~ owarimashitaaaa. Kanryou shimashitaaaaa. Wah tired.
Will go eat dinner now. =w= This entry seems more like a tracklisting post.... /hit
*LIY でした
AH. I probably won't upload romanisations of the lyrics. Because I don't want to spam my blog with all the lyrics posts. Maybe I'll still upload them somewhere. さぁ Who knows~

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