KC2013 First Meet-Up
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Hello hello!

Today we held the first meet-up for KiraCandy Girls 2013! The announcement has already been made on our Facebook page and all the profiles are also up on our website(8

Anyway, it was raining pretty heavily throughout the afternoon in Singapore, and the location we were meeting at was Cathay Cineleisure. And there's no sheltered walkway there from Somerset MRT. Nanami, Rei and I met up first at Somerset MRT first, then we were huddling under Nanami's umbrella throughout our walk there, LOL! And I had actually curled my hair for the meet-up but... well. The rain loosened all of them up and they became straight when we arrived at Cathay Cine TTATT.
The meet-up was pretty simple actually, and to be honest, because we were tasked to do something by Vincent, we didn't really talk alot ahaha. Not everyone could make it as well.
At around 4PM, because Vincent had to go off already, we took a group photo and then split up. All the Gen 2 girls went off lol. Us Gen 1s (Nanami, Rei, Natsumi, Emiko & I) went to walk to *scape and check out the flea markets going on. I bought a pair of tattoo tights (the design type is the kind where there's something on your ankle) (1 for $10, 2 for $18; I bought 1 with Emiko) from a booth at the first floor. If I remember correctly, *scape UNDERGROUND also has a stall selling tattoo leggings for $10. And seriously fail Singaporean time: I didn't know *scape UNDERGROUND existed until today, even though I've been to *scape at least 5 times. OTL
After walking around the flea markets we found a spot to sit down in *scape and just chillaxed for at least 1 and a half hour. Natsumi and I went to buy Gongcha for us (Emiko had already went off) and then after that we just sat, while Nanami went to open up her packages from her Taobao orders. She seriously buys alot of stuff from there. And I've also discovered a really awesome shop, and I probably will buy my future wigs from there lol! I also learnt that 2 popular shops that Singaporeans like to use, their wigs actually don't last. I heard from Rei that the wigs get fuzzy after a few wears. Well, I've worn my Kagamine Rin wig out 3 (?) times so I'll wait and see if it really becomes fuzzy. There's also hairspray on the fringe that I have not washed off (since Nov 2010).

Really, the 4 of us just sat and chatted about anything and everything! Nanami brought her KERA March Issue out and I flipped through it and GAH AKIRA. Akira is a regular doku-mo (reader/suscriber-model) on KERA and she's like so cool and I think she's awesome.
Apparently there's this style called the "boku" style or "boku-girl" style, and it's basically a girl who dresses like a boy and the make up also leans towards the VisualK-ish style, and Akira dresses pre-dominantly in that style (in the punk style as well) OH. And Vistlip was on the inside flap for the cover of KERA and my goodness they are good-looking. One of the guys looks like he can be a very pretty girl ;_; (女子辞めろう moment)
Because of Tokyo Fashion.com and KERA, I've grown to really like Algonquins (and seriously, Harajuku fashion was the thing that got me into Japanese fashion in the first place). JRunway stocks that brand (and Putumayo omggg) BUT. It's expensive. Super sad.
And Nanami thinks that Akira is awesome as well. Yeah! Of course there are other models that I like but Akira really caught my attention, that's all. Ahahaha. I still love PIKARIN (Popteen) the best xD

I never ever have this habit of taking photos so I really apologise that my blog entries are all wordy @A@ I will work on it.

**Bought Popin' Cookin' (1 for $10, 3 for $30; first floor *scape) w/ Natsumi and Nanami, and Nanami and I decided we should do a vlog/video of us trying it out! Do keep a lookout of it on KiraCandy's YouTube channel! We might also do a blog entry about it on the Cute~Pop blog, and of course I'll be blogging about it here as well, and I'll include the Cute~Pop link if I do write one up!

Alright, it's time to sleep soon! Hope everyone has a great day~~
*LIY でした

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