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Hello hello~
So I recently bought from Amazon again and got myself three magazines!

From top: PASH! April, PASH! March, and spoon.2Di (Issue 31)
I have never bought anime magazines before. (Japanese books I buy normally are light novels, fashion magazines, artbooks, manga, as well as Cosmode occasionally.) But I bought these three magazines because.... of the posters. K POSTERS Seriously this is the first time I've been so into an anime. Not to mention I usually read manga instead. Anyway, there are also other features in the magazines that I also have interest in so it wasn't really "just for K". I'm thinking of maybe scanning a few pages and translating them but I procrastinate. Not to mention I really wonder why I do this because no one will read it... And I can understand the Japanese so I don't really have to translate... LOL jk maybe I'll share with my friends.
Anyway! On to the introduction~ (and translation of what's on the cover page, because that's the least I can do I suppose lol /shot)

(I'm sorry I recently got a new app so I had to play with it ^^;;)
PASH! March
すごでかいポスター付き。It came with a suuuper huge (A1 size) Sarumi poster. (I actually know how to fix creases in a scan on PS but I has no PS so I won't scan the poster) I think scans of the poster can be found on Tumblr. Though I recommend you google it instead of searching the tags because you will have to go through a lot of fangirling. (like I really wonder why people tag their fangirling posts; really?)
Cover headlines(? do you call that headlines?) I will go down from the left side, then down on the right side.
Monthly PASH! For Girls and Ladies only! (I don't know why they added that for MarPASH! because AprPASH! doesn't have it.)
PASH! Voice: You can hear the interview from your smartphone! Interview with Nojima Kenji [I have no idea how this works, so if you wanna hear the interview, leave a comment maybe I can try to find out]
"Oretachi no jama sun janee!" "Don't you damn bloody interfere with the two of us!" [ha..ha.. I have no idea how to sound vulgar w/o actually using expletives...]
Congratulations! Sequel production confirmed!! // Miyano Mamoru talks about Fushimi Saruhiko's "love". [which I haven't read yet because Kanji. x,D Man I gotta buck up.]
[Right side] A1 size super huge poster!! SARUhiko & MIsaki [SARUMI /hit]
Feature on Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East. [I have no idea what this is about, but looking at the seiyuu list, I think I will watch this soon]
Interview Namikawa Daisuke about Italy; HETALIA: The Beautiful World //with poster! [I ALSO WANTED TO WATCH BUT I KEEP FORGETTING. HETALIAAAAA. And England is so cute/adorbs in the poster lol.]
New Prince of Tennis // TIGER & BUNNY // Ixion Saga Dimensional Transfer Prolly includes a few pages of info on these anime, since there's no other headlines than the title]
All the memebers are gathered! The Miracles of Teikou Middle School. KUROKO'S BASKETBALL [Alot of SS in this feature lol. Only thing I rmb]
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker //with poster!
Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone [I don't know what this feature is about. Maybe it's a dedicated feature to Chrono Stone]
Psycho Pass //with poster!
Cuticle Detective Inaba //with poster! [also one anime I wanted to watch...]
AMNESIA //with poster! [watching this now]
POKEMON BW2 //with poster!
MAGI: Official Fanbook sale confirmed! MAGI: Dialogue with Kaji Yuuki and Fukuyama Jun! [planning to read this too but]
Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Shirokuma Cafe [I tried following this series... then... somehow... lol]
The Unlimited: Hyouba Kyousuke
Zetsuen no Tempest
The back of the magazine has an advertisement for some new game (release date 28 Mar) for the PSP called "The Shinigami Family Business: Ghost Story Romance". Art looks pretty, and it's by QuinRose. Not like I can play it anyway lol.

PASH! April
Came with TWO A1 size posters. The first one is K & Pokemon (double-sided). Yes scans of the K one is on Tumblr. Second one is MAGI & K [ORLY NOW U MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MAGI AND K]
Cover headlines:
Monthly PASH! We have hit 50 issues! THANK YOU!
PASH! Voice: Interview with Suzuki Chihiro
A1 size super huge poster K & Pokemon, MAGI & K.
K: Expose your heart and body in the open-air bath♥[haha wtf] &Ono Daisuke makes his appearance!
KUROKO'S BASKETBALL. This is a feature on Aomine, but I couldn't make sense of this part 狐高の天才 even though I read the manga....Oh and I haven't really read the article either, but I scanned through and nope :/
Cuticle Detective Inaba: DON! I want to know more~♥ //with poster!
UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA: Thanks for waiting, little lamb♥ New colour and art concept illustrations
[Right side]MAGI:
Tomatsu Haruka & Ishihara Kaori GIRLS TALK full of their honest opinions!
Kaji Yuuki & Ono Kenshou RADIO REPORT
15 March Official Fanbook goes on SALE!
Psycho Pass: Dialogue with Hanazawa Kana & Itou Shizuka
Hetlia The Beautiful World //with poster!
TIGER & BUNNY: Report on our infiltration to HERO RADIO!
THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke: Interview with Yusa Kouji //with poster!
New feature series: Aoi Shouta's THE SHOW TIMES [this is some new series within the magazine, one page]
Jojo's Bizarre Adventures [And something regarding Satou Takuya. I couldn't find out what 激白 means so no trans]
KARNEVAL //with poster!

LAST ONE! 別冊spoon.2Di Vol 31~
Their cover is really... quiet ;u; (compared to PASH, and other anime magazines. They have alot of cover headlines)
Front is PSYCHO-PASS, back is K [SARUMIIII /hit]. There are PSYCHO-PASS and K posters in this which I haven't taken out. I might end up spoiling the front cover, tbh ORZ I REALLY WANT THEM OUT THO. And I also have not read this magazine. [Gosh, I suck]
Anyway, there are a few interviews, with Seki Tomokazu&Sakurai Takahiro, Fukami Makoto&Takaba Aya, ryo of supercell on EGOIST and producer Wada Takeshi(?).
Also includes features on Tamako Market (Interview with the director Yamada Naoko), MAGI, Kotoura-san, Minami-ke Tadaima, Senyuu, Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life, Hetalia The Beautiful World, Karneval, Ghost in the Shell ARISE, Tsuki Uta [don't know what this is], Attack on Titan and DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 the ANIMATION.
Yes. That's all of note on the front page, aside from the obviously huge PSYCHO-PASS headline. And there was a whole bunch of obscure anime... orz head hurts from googling and figuring out how to read the name.

So ANYWAY~ That's all I have today~ Seems like every time I buy something I end up writing an ultra long blog entry about it. I will probably get down to translating when I can. Lol. x,D I don't know why I have so little time in a day oh my gosh. orz Anyway, thanks for reading so much, and if you want me to translate anything, you can leave a comment. My standard is JLPT N4 by the way... Maybe I should keep that piece of info as a note somewhere...


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