Went to watch Hunter x Hunter with Nanami!
Date: Sunday, 17 March 2013 ( 00:50 ) 0 comments

Hello hello~

Hunter x Hunter is currently screening in Singapore cinemas (At Cathay Cineplexes) and Nanami asked me to watch it with her at Cathay Cineleisure (:
I've never watched/read Hunter x Hunter so when I heard about its showing I wasn't interested, but apparently if you buy 4 tickets you get a certain merchandise (Nanami will probably update on her blog. I'll give a link at the end of this post) so Nanami was pretty eager to invite more people along. We ended up with 3 people, so Nanami actually bought 2 tickets. Oh, and 1 ticket gets 1 poster. The tickets were expensive though... $13 ;_; I really don't know why Singapore cinema is so expensive.

Anyway~ The movie is 97 minutes long, so it's actually pretty short. Well, I think the plot and development was pretty well done though. For someone whose knowledge of Hunter x Hunter is limited to a quick Wikipedia read-up, the movie was quite easy to understand. The plot was quite easily seen through though, haha. I think probably because their foreshadowing was really obvious.
I won't discuss further regarding the movie, so I'll end it here!
Here's the link to Nanami's blog (will update with the entry link when she does blog about it):

After the movie, we went to *scape to check out the usual flea market and *scape underground. It was just a quick walk-through, about 15 minutes.
After that, we walked to 313@Somerset, where we parted ways because I was having dinner with my family there, and Nanami would be heading home.

I had Thai food for dinner! Those familiar with 313 would know what I had, since there's only one Thai restaurant in 313. Anyway, the name of the place is Absolute Thai. My sister wanted to try it out so we had dinner there. No crowd, surprisingly, for a Saturday. (I really hate weekends in Singapore. Everywhere is packed.) Marche had a long queue, as usual. We ordered red curry w/ beef, broccoli and mushrooms, stir-fried beancurd w/ hot basil, pineapple fried rice and Thai fish cakes. I love Thai fish cakes. Not sure if it's because I've been visiting Thailand every year for 8 years, but Thai food is actually growing on me. I used to dislike Thai food alot when I was younger. Hmmmm time really flies haha.
The food was pretty okay, nothing "wow" about it. I think the portion is kinda stingy though :/ It was expensive. I wouldn't go back there again to be honest, especially when near my house I have Nakhon Kitchen, where the portion is more generous and so much cheaper. And their pineapple fried rice is the best (in Singapore anyway, because I've eaten pineapple fried rice in Thailand that was so so so super good. And I hate pineapples.)

That's all for what happened today! There was actually a J-subculture event at Jurong Point(?) that I planned to go, but I woke up too late to make it there, then to Cathay Cineleisure by 4:30.
Ooohh, yes, last week I ordered root5's ROOT FIVE album (limited edition), and also Shuuen Re:Write album (limited edition) from CDJapan, and they have been shipped out (on Thursday I think)~ Will be expecting them on Thursday (When I won't be at home, what. Hopefully they come on Friday instead haha), and then I'll do up another entry on the albums! ニヤニヤ

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