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Hello hello! Yes, I had Chomp Chomp meesua for the first time in my life today! HAHAHA to be honest I've never eaten anything from Chomp Chomp at all. Even though I live on the outskirts of Serangoon (but in the completely opposite direction of Serangoon Gardens). But my sister was raving about the meesua because she works in myvillage so she eats at Serangoon Gardens quite often and then said she would buy one packet home for me to try! Hohoho. And I love fish dishes, like fish soup (absolute fave. I like the clear soup/steamed one, but don't mind the fried/soup + milk), fish porridge/Cantonese congee, fish noodles, fish anything lol!! Every time I go to a food court in the mall and don't know what to eat, I either head for duck rice, chicken rice or fish soup. Oh, I also love kway chap, but haven't been eating it since forever.

Anyway! My sister came home with meesua and it was super nice. The soup was saltier than usual according to my sister, but the FISH. The fish is so smooth and soft and it just falls apart nicely (??) in your mouth and it's so yummy. Like I don't even. The meesua was nice too. =w=

My sister also got me a new iPod touch yesterday, because my old one has been faulty for at least half a year. It's really old. I got it in 2008, and I think it's the iPod nano 2nd?3rd? generation. Back when iPod nano was square lol. So yup it's reaally old.

I think it opened today, because there was a really long queue (or at least I think it's a queue for them because I was passing by and couldn't stop to take a closer look (ノД`)・゜
It's at Ngee Ann City, 2nd floor, where Louis Vuitton and Chanel are at.. the same building as Kinokuniya. I'll go by again when the queue is not that long.... hurhur. But seriously though the macaroon boom in SG is just. ==" I just think there isn't enough knowledge about macaroons among the consumers. And everywhere that's selling cakes are selling macaroons as well. WELL, I guess macaroons aren't terribly hard to make, but still. Anyway, my main issue is with the consumers /hit.
Back to Laduree, I've heard that their macaroons aren't really anything special (regarding stores in Japan) but I've heard other people sing praises to it, so I'd like to see how the Laduree here is. I really love macaroons. They have been my favourite pastry even before the whole macaroon boom. Like. Yeah, I've liked macaroons since 2009. When the only place I knew where you could get macaroons was this bakery in some ulu place I had to take the (bus to Serangoon) circle line, bus, bus and then taxi because I sorta got lost to. The bakery moved already though. I'm not sure where it is, but I think it's now at the Outram area. (Which is pretty much ulu as it gets to me because I have to walk in from the MRT or take a taxi. Places like Dunearn are for rich people with cars)

Recently Meidi-ya also had a Hokkaido Fair (HOKKAIDO HAS THE BEST FOOD OMG) and I bought some things~ They didn't bring in the same stuff as the previous time, which is bummer because I wanted the rare cheese pudding thing again (but it's okay, Bangkok has it so I can have it when I go Bangkok. Srsly Bangkok has so many Japanese food stuff everywhereeee and I pretty much know their subway system lol)
I also bought 6 packets of ramen, I think I have 2 of each: miso, shoyu, shio. =w= Ramen. saikou da. I love Hokkaido Ramen.
And I bought baumkuchen (always wanted to try it since 2008 when I went Ginza and saw this Baumkuchen store with a freaking long queue from the 1st floor to dunno-where and I decided not to queue but damn, when I saw the baumkuchen baking [open kitchen concept] I wanted one so bad but time's up. orz) BUT Baumkuchen has been available in SG since 2010 I think.
Takashimaya B2 has a baumkuchen store. Not bad. Really nice. OH. It's like kueh lapis by the way, lol.
And I also got a roll cake/swiss roll and a crema catalana from Arles. A crema catalana is a type of creme brulee. (I also love creme brulees but some places burn the sugar too much so the sugar becomes kinda too bitter for my taste)

I also went Kinokuniya today. And the AMNESIA artbook is back in stock!!! AND STARRY SKY VOL 2 IS IN OMG STARRY SKY VOL 2 OMG. I FREAKING LOVE KAZUAKI'S ARTWORK OK. AND STARRY SKY. STARRY SKY I SERIOUSLY --- okay. chill. But I don't know why there isn't pixiv collection/pixiv girls collection 2012 in Kino. Maybe I missed them? I don't know if I should continue collecting the pixiv collections though lol.
Oh right, and in the first week of April I dropped by Kino, and saw Hatsuko's artbook (YES HATSUKO WHO DREW THE PV FOR PANDORA VOXX / kemu's songs) I really wanted to get it when I saw it (but heng I didn't because I wouldn't have enough money). But it's prolly out of stock already.... Haiiz. HAIIZ.
I don't know why there are so many nice things out lately. And then there's a Kino 20% this weekend (Fri - Tues) in conjunction with World Book Day.... haiiz.
Oh well.

I guess that's all for today~ Today was an eventful day =w= sometimes I need variation in my life. Oh. Then again, I went Sentosa last week but I didn't blog about that right? OPPS.
Anyway, I went Palawan Beach with my friends from church. Was not very eventful. But I had fun. And let my skin make VitD lolol. (Girl who never walks in the sun for more than 10 minutes)

Maybe I will blog more about it within the week!

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