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I won a giveaway for the first time in my life!!
I won Anibee's giveaway for the Swallowtail Butler Cafe Diary =w= uwaa so happy~ hahas I wasn't expecting to win actually. When I first joined the giveaway, it was about 30mins~1hour after the post was up on Facebook, and I thought there wouldn't be much response (but then at the end of the day.........) so I pretty much gave up hope of winning the giveaway after seeing the number of people who joined. But I won yay~ heehee so happy.
I wanna go Swallowtail Cafe when I get the chance to go Japan (by myself or with some like-minded friends). I sound so sadlife sia omg, go overseas holiday by myself lol. Plus it's dangerous. Hahaha, but even if have friends want to go, also have to consider other limitations like for example their parents' restrictions, money, dates etc etc. Ahh so sad. I wanna go to NatsuCOMI, or maybe a smaller event. Maybe ONLY events as well hahaha if I get the chance to go during those dates.
Anyway this is the diary!
It's super pretty! The box was wrapped in a plastic sheet, and in the box is the diary. I'm not sure what kind of material the diary cover is made of, but it felt really nice to the touch and the design is carved into the cover. It's a diary for the year 2013 though.... lol. And we're already halfway into 2013, which is a bit awkward.

Last week (Friday ~ Tuesday) Kinokuniya had a 20% discount for members to commemorate World Book Day. Of course, I couldn't miss out the chance to grab stuff like artbooks (crazy expensive when brought into Singapore) and some magazines. I broke my spending record though.....*cough* The only place I would spend so much of my own money is at Kinokuniya lol.
Anyway, the lootss~
I bought CosMode this month as well (after looking at the cover and deciding that what's inside is going to be useful). I love CosMode because they provide costume patterns with their magazines heehee. This month's had KARNEVAL's Tsukumo's costume (a top & skirt) pattern in it. And I also got a MOOK called CameCOS (Pronounced kah-meh-cos), which is a smush of camera and cosplay. It's a guidebook for cosplay photography and includes studio information (which is useless here, lesigh). For me, there wasn't much new information for me because. Well. This mook (I believe) is for people who don't know photography... So. Yeah. Well, I did learn a little about lights (which I've little experience with) I suppose.
I bought 2 artbooks: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (I'm not gonna bother with their random uppercasing) Productions 2 and Starry Sky Vol. 2. STARRY SKY~ STARRY SKY! *throws flowers everywhere* I love Kazuaki's art style~ And Starry Sky was the first otome game I learnt about. There's gonna be a Vol. 3 apparently, so I'm just gonna wait for Kino to bring it in.
Aside from those, I also got vol 1 of Tooyama Ema's GDGD-DOGS. I bought Vol 2 around last year I think, because Vol 1 was out of stock. I love her style and her stories as well heehee. Currently following Watashi ni xx Shinasai! intensely. I bought vol 1 & 2 in Chinese I think, and I also got Vol 1 in Japanese lol. Eh. Wait, I think I have more volumes than that, but I can't remember which language I bought them in.
Also bought KERA JUNE (KERA releases super early sia) since it was out already.
K SIDE BLACK & WHITE wasn't in on Monday when I went, unfortunately. I'm gonna drop by later and see if the stock is in.

Ohyes, Smoothie King opened at 313@Somerset the previous Tuesday and I got the chance to finally try it out on Monday, after a satisfying shopping try at Kino (Oh, and Laduree is hell expensive. Someone, get my macaroons for my birthday TT_TT [fat hope]). I went Kino with Nanami and 2 of her friends from school and after that we went Smoothie King.
I got myself a regular Lemon Twist Strawberry. I think it's good. Not bad. Really nice hahas. My sister says that there's no way one can get full on a smoothie, but I do think that it's filling. I'm not the only one who thinks that way, apparently, because Nanami commented that if she had gotten a regular with her wrap, she wouldn't be able to finish her food. Mirai also said their smoothie was filling.
I really enjoyed Smoothie King that day, that on Wednesday, after my lessons, I dropped by again to have a wrap and smoothie. I also like the layout of the place. It seems like a nice place to sit and chill and maybe draw. I always have this like. Want? to draw at cafes like Starbucks. I got a teriyaki chicken wrap and a Jeju Green Tea smoothie~ The wrap was really yummy~

Time really flies... It's almost May soon. Aaaahhh A levels are coming ohmygosh how. And event events events ahhh I need to order my stuff from Taobao by end-June and start on my props and omg ahhhh (crazy woman having panic attack now)
I still need to practise guy makeup orz Must look ikemen. (Because I'm gonna cos Saruuuu)

Oh, and the swimming anime CM that took Tumblr by storm. IT'S OFFICIAL. So eggcited for it omgomgomg. And Miyano Mamoru is voicing a character for this animeeee (called FREE!). He's voicing the character Matsuoka Rin 松岡 凛. It's gonna start airing in July. Sigh, this year is a shitty year to take major exams in. SIGH. *regrets all the life decisions she has ever made*

Shall end here. See you guys next time!

*LIY でした

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