Mini online haul kinda thing?
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Yosha yosha konbanwassu mina-san!
So anyway, sometime last month (2nd week of March?) I bought some stuff from Japanese online stores through a proxy (: Because as you know, many Japanese online stores don't ship outside Japan. The shops that I purchased from were THREE!, Animate and ToraNoAna.

This is the whole set of items I got:

Not gonna insert photos of the covers of the CDs because they are available on the websites, but sometimes the CDs have special designs on them, or the inside of the CD case, so I'll include photos of those instead~!
But first below, this is the tokuten (特典) for Mi-chan's doujin CD 7-2.5~My Hobby~. It's just a plastic card, like a credit card. There are 7 seven designs, for 7 songs, and the design I got was for the song GLAMOUROUS SKY. (btw Animate sells this CD too, but I just decided to go with THREE instead.)
The CD and the inside~ Look at pretty Nana-chan~~ (but I think Moca is prettier, sorry Mi-chan!)

Next CD is 7-My precious 2 years-. The 2 years is the time that he and Nana-chan have been together~ And there's a small booklet that comes with it and it's super (*´∀`*). みーちゃんいけめん。It's basically a photo booklet of Nana-chan & Mi-chan. The lyrics booklet for 7-2.5 is also full of his photos and it's just. (*ノ▽ノ)(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノみーちゃん大好きwwww

Third CD I got was Dasoku's first solo album "DASOKU". The illustration for the CD is really cool! And this is the inside of the CD~ I couldn't take a photo of the CD itself straight-on because its surface is mirrored. So yeahhh I had to take it at an angle. The CD design is really beautiful as well!
This also comes with a tokuten but it was sold out before I could get it. (Do you even use sold out, because technically it's a gift but they just have lesser stock than the actual product.) So I didn't get the tokuten. If I remember, it's a calendar or something?
And there's a secret track and it's Scissorhands. Yup.

Last CD is Honeyworks's Utattemita compilation album No. 3 (ハニワ曲歌ってみた3), that they released for FuyuComi (Comiket83) last year! I love Honeyworks, and the utaite/producer list is just (☆▽☆) Yup. Ohhh and I bought the Limited Edition one, because the tokuten for that was a illustration card for Love Confession Rehearsal. The tokuten for the Regular Edition is SUKI KIRAI. But the cover for the ltd ed was a Thai celebrity/entertainer(? - was mentioned by Honeyworks) LOL.
But anyway, the inside of the CD case is really cute!

So that concludes the CD section(?)! Now on to the books~
I actually ordered one more doujinshi from ToraNoAna through another proxy (whose work schedule clashes with the post office's so yeah, not sure when s/he will be able to mail it). But anyway, I bought 3 doujinshi and 2 K artbooks (I don't really know if I can call them artbooks because the second one is more like a collection of concept sketches/character design settings.) By the way, speaking of character designs, I heard (on pixiv, lol) that the initial designs for Misaki and Fushimi for their hair was that Misaki had his fringe held up by a hair band[alice band, headband, however you call it...] (like Ritsu from K-On) and Fushimi had the side of his hair braided [um yeah, like I don't even? lol. why would a guy bother braiding his hair for school everyday....] BUT anyway. Yeah. I like those designs actually. LOLOL. Let me find a link for the fanart where I found out about this... (butbut lemme just say I really don't know whether it's really their initial designs lol, I think tumblr would have told me /hit) 絵リンクこちらです:

Aside from the doujinshi, I got K Original Artwork Collection (?? I'm sorry man, I'm just interpreting based on the Kanji. My Chinese background makes me lazy /hit) Vol 2! Which was only sold on Animate on a pre-order basis and I was like wow screw you now I can't get it through Kinokuniya (OH by the way I found out that Kinokuniya stocks spoon2Di so Imma get vol 33 from them because I realised it's cheaper. Even though by a bit. AND I WANT PRINCE ANIMAGE SPRING 2013 OMG THE COVER IS SO PRECIOUS AND APPARENTLY THERE'S A POSTER OF THAT COVER ILLUSTRATION INCLUDED. [i sound like a sarumi shipper even though i don't ship sarumi that way why lol.] Well, I'm just gonna go down Kinokuniya and check if their spoon2Di stocks are in~ maybe I'll go down this Sunday, and get Popteen and KERA at the same time. (Okarie is graduating from Popteen you knowwww. May's Popteen will be the last issue that she's in)
Erm yeah so I digressed.
So I got the K artbooks from Animate because nowhere else sells it. Yup. I haven't gone through the artbook yet soooo. Yeah.


My items from CDJapan actually arrived today but no one was at home to receive the package so tomorrow morning I'll have to go down Serangoon post office to get the stuff before school. Haiiz.
Goodnight people~

*LIY でした

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