Dinner at BlissHouse
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Hello hello~
So, recently a new restaurant opened in Central at Clarke Quay, called Bliss House and I had dinner there today.

I was with my dad, so we got one pizza and one pasta, to share. Lol. I actually can eat more, but I'll end up feeling overly stuffed and that is not good, and also, I'm trying to eat less to loss weight (I'm sorry I'm too lazy /hit. works really slowly though lol. I should start swimming more often.)
Let's introduce what we had tonight then!
PIZZA: Our server recommended the BlissHouse Supreme, which has olives, pineapples, onions, red capsicums, chilli and pork salami and chicken. If I remember correctly. Oh, and they have a menu up online, so you can check that out.
It's 12 inches, um, about 10 slices? It's the thin-crust type of pizza, (and personally I don't like thin crust because they are so hard to cut, lol) and really nice. I would say the toppings are.. well. Kinda on the low side? Compared to other places like Skinny Pizza, thin-crust pizza as well, but the toppings are alot more.
PASTA: My dad and I share the same tastes hoho. Ordered the Linguine Vongole (I love linguine and I love shellfish) and it was satisfying. There was a lot of clams in the pasta though, and that's the first time I've seen so many clams in the different pasta vongole I've eaten. (Yes when I like a certain type of food, I will try it at different places) Pasta was al-dente, clams were succulent, and I'm not a food blogger so I'll just say it tastes so good I was so bummed out I was sharing with my dad lol.
DESSERT(mine and mine alone muahaha): I only remembered the tiramisu on their menu so I ordered that. Ahaha....was too paiseh to ask for the menu again and I actually really don't like calling for service. Tiramisu was. HMM. The least tiramisu-like tiramisu I've eaten. But it was good. I would rather call it a tiramisu-inspired dessert than an actual tiramisu though. I'm still looking for anywhere in Singapore that sells tiramisu with ladyfinger layers instead of cake. I ate a tiramisu like that once (like a really long time ago, then I think a year or two later I wanted to go back it was gone.) and it was honestly the best tiramisu I've eaten.
Back to the dessert, basically it had a coffee-soaked cake layer at the bottom, and it was topped with the cream mixture. (Just two layers, lol) And had Valrhona chocolate shavings on top (now get what I mean by least tiramisu-like?). It came with a bit of fruit for garnish and a nice raspberry(?) sauce.

Now to the ambience of the place. I would say I went there at a wrong time because some family was having a birthday celebration for their uncle and it was so so so noisy I don't even. The parents' attempts at shushing or controlling their rowdy kids didn't go very well either. That aside, the place was really beautifully decorated, there were (fake) white rose trellis around the walls, then furniture went very well with the theme/decor, hmm, well. I would actually say it was money well-spent, on the interior design. The place is kind of dark though, but it has a more brightly-lit area away from the windows.

Service was excellent, if I may. I hope this service persists(?) because it made a really pleasant experience. Makes me feel a bit like I was eating at a fine-dining restaurant, like at MBS (Marina Bay Sands). Mmhmm MBS... CUT has really awesome steak. And condiments, and fries, and the best souffle + demonstration I've ever had (ok granted I've only eaten souffle three times). And OSTERIA Mozza's pizza... (to be really honest, the pizza I -we Singaporean kids- grew up with is Pizza Hut's, so I will forever love thick fluffy crust)
Seriously I love souffle so much more places should start serving it. I don't mind waiting half an hour for m'souffle yo.

Definitely planning to go back again (and try all their dessertssss). When I enter the working society I'm gonna become like, dinner jio friends eat this kind of place one lol. Now bo lui (no money) ah. 実はいつも盆簿です

OHOH. Today I also went to Uniqlo's UT POPUP at Mohmd Sultan. Didn't manage to do much because I didn't have time and the queue to the second floor was so long. But it was an interesting experience. Pretty sad to be alone there lol.
Wore Uniqlo to the POPUP as well haha. I liked my outfit today~ Will wear it out more often~

Alright, that's all for today! And also, SUPER COMIC CITY 22 is over, and KOC is happening tomorrow in Tokyo and I'm really so damn sad I'm not living in Japan. Next time become working adult if I don't end up working in Japan maybe I'll end up flying there every few months or so /bricked. I've always liked doujinshi before K but I didn't have sufficient Japanese knowledge and also last time there weren't such things as pick-up services I believe, or they were hard to find. I only discovered online manga scans when I was in Sec 1 actually, so before that I bought alot of manga. And even after, I still continued buying manga (still am). Seriously though, I rely on proxies so much I really wonder how I survived my previous fandoms without doujinshi.
Ok I think everyone now thinks I'm just a hardcore otaku who isn't interested in actual culture. Well, no. The fact that I want to major in Japanese Studies already says alot. (ah but job scope, job scope... sigh. ah but i need to first pass my a levels to even get in, double sigh. i'm dead)
Anyway. I will end here, for real this time!

*LIY でした

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