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Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 ( 00:51 ) 0 comments

Good night everyone~ haha it's 12am now.
Super tired and I wanna sleep but I wanna blog because today I experienced new things and wanna record them! =w= Ah but really damn tired sia, eyelids are like drooping lol.

Anyway, our graduation concert is over~ Ah, super nervous and made alot of mistakes... *glooms* but anyway none of my friends came. So. 誰も来てくれなかったあぁぁぁ(泣)like that lor.
Was quite sian that no one came. Like. Yeahhhhhh. But I'm not gonna spoil the mood. But it made me think about Fushimi ahaha /hit I probably will write about it somewhere else. Yup. *nods*

OH I saw some news ytd but I was too lazy to blog about it, so I'll just insert it here:
K is releasing fragrances. Yep. For Shiro, Kuro, Yata, Suoh, Reisi, Fushimi. (lazy girl types the shorter name /hit)
-EH AMNESIA GOT FRAGRANCE ALSO I DIDN'T KNOW- Sorry lol I just went Cozywave's website and saw that lol. Yep Cozywave is selling the fragrances, and I don't know much about the details of sale or stuff like that cus I don't plan to buy anything. I have my eyes (nose) on Burberry's Brit Sheer Perfume that Sephora is selling!
Was thinking if I should translate the notes but nah. This blog entry is not for that lol. Anyway, to summarise, Silver Clan smells really fruity (and weird, I would think, but I don't know), Mikoto's prolly smells really fresh and Yata's kinda woody-floral? Reisi and Fushimi's would probably smell rather sweet, and slightly woody after a while (cus of the base notes). Oh but Reisi's would be sweet and slightly citrus-y but Fushimi's would smell more citrus-y, then sweet. And I don't like the top notes for Fushimi's fragrance uh-huh nope. (That's why I'm not getting anything)

OKAY. So anyway, today I went around running errands this afternoon before the preparations for the concert, and I went to get my eyebrows groomed because I can't stand wearing make-up with my natural brows. And then the lady suggested doing face-threading as well and so I was like why not, so I went ahead and did face-threading for the first time(main point).

Hurts like crap. Especially at my jaw just below my earlobes. But my skin feels really nice after that =w= and apparently your make-up won't slide off easily but I was in air-con the whole day after make-up so I can't really say how good that it. Maybe I'll go for another session before STGCC. AH. I need to start to read up on how to make the S4 sabre. So damn tempted to buy from Taobao cus like it looks really well-made and nice and all but....I really want to make the prop. I have this idea(?) mindset(?) that cosplayers should make some effort in their cosplay than buying everything. Not saying that people who buy everything are like not good la, but I just prefer to at least make some effort in my cosplay in some area. So damn nervous though, because I'm not good at facial expressions and I never cosplayed a guy or tried guy make-up before (I'm like, should I put eyelashes or not) and ah Fushimi is like. Yeah but I really love Fushimi la hahaha.

But I digress.

My face got red and had some bumps on certain areas that were really sensitive and they looked like mosquito bites lol. My face is still slighty bumpy and the forehead and earlobe-jaw area though. Tomorrow night gonna put on a sheet mask (of which I have a lot of. What happens when you go Korea) as recommended and see how well it goes~

Oh, I bought this compact face powder sometime last year and I got the colour light beige (the 2nd lightest I think, or 3rd, out of 5) but I never really used it to powder my whole face, and today I used it to powder my face and it. Is so dark orz. It's a shade too dark haiiz. But when I bought it it seem okay when I tried it out (at the jawline).... Maybe I got lighter because I don't go out in the sun (hikikomori). But it smells so nice (which why I wanted to buy it)! Maybe I give this one to my sister (or use it as like light shading powder or what) and get a lighter shade next time.
Oh, and I didn't use concealer in my make-up routine today, which is really weird because I always do. :/ And I also very long never wear make-up alr lol. I almost forgot how to do it hahahah. Was panicking in my room because I was short of time as well.

Okay! I shall end this post here. Good night!

*LIY でした

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