Dinner at Yomenya Goemon!
Date: Sunday, 2 June 2013 ( 01:34 ) 0 comments

Ah it's 1AM as well today lol.
I should be sleeping soon (like now) because I'll be going Batam tomorrow today for a getaway! (Who invented the word getaway btw) Gotta leave my house at 8AM... so early!

Anyway, today my dad and I went to Expo to look at the furniture fair they were having (and I wanted to drop by the IT SHOW that was next door, but alas, they didn't seem to have what I was looking for.) so we had dinner at Changi City Point!

It was my dad's first time there (I've been there once, during AFA last year) and I also didn't really know what restaurants they had over there, but LOOK! Yomenya! *confetti* I love Yomenya's spaghetti. Actually I just love Japanese-style pasta. The Japanese make all sorts of cuisine yummyyyy. Except Singaporean food. It depends. I don't think the Japanese would be good at cooking Singaporean food because of the ingredients and stuff. And the fact that most of our delicious food are oily as heck trololol (carrot cake, fried oyster, hokkien mee, char kway teowwwww mm very long never eat char kway teow liao)

So we had Yomenya for dinner! They were also serving pizzas so we got a roast duck pizza~ With 2 pasta.
My dad got some prawn and avocado thing??? I can't remember. It was number 2 on the menu. I tried their clam chowder soup spaghetti (オススメですよ).
The pizza was awesome by the way. Awesome. It was so fluffy and soft even though it's considered thin crust type but it's poofed-up and fluffy (LOL). Really yummy. The duck was great as well =w= Oh and I ate it using chopsticks trololol. Yep, I lifted up a slice using chopsticks and ate it directly lol. Now I feel like eating fuwafuwa stuff (Like Hoshino pancakes, omg can never get enough. The souffles are ok tho).
Yomenya's spaghetti is always al dente and super easy to bite. But even though it said clam chowder soup, it didn't really taste like soup. More of just like a cream-based soupy sauce... Maybe I should go buy instant clam chowder and try to eat spaghettini with it. (My sister loves spaghettini, not sure why... so I have a new pack of said pasta at home)
But I always find their complimentary miso soup really watered down ==" They might as well don't serve it. It's a service la, but I don't mind just having the pasta only lor.

Yep. I really love the pizza. Imma eat it again. When I like something, I have to try every single flavour (that I will eat) of it LOL.
By the way, Garrett Caramel Almond Popcorn tastes really great. When you eat the popcorn and almond together. (random...)

And I also went Anime Matsuri today!! (I think I mentioned it in my previous post?)
Went there just for kiDChan's workshop. It was shorter than expected (though the schedule put 1200 - 1250, it was about half an hour?) but really informative and good for those SAI noobies (like me ahaha I never use SAI before). I also got to learn about her colouring style and yup. Honestly, her style is so unique and distinct it's super easy to recognise. I only saw her work (creator's corner/artist alley at events) twice but then when I saw this illustration my friend shared on FB I immediately recognised it as kiDChan's. Actually, her style isn't the type of style I usually like, but somehow I just like kiDChan alot. Yep.
Maybe I'll get a new pen tablet and SAI next year. (Stuck between Intuos and Bamboo Fun :/ Leaning more towards Fun though, but will see how in the future. I also want a VAIO lappy.)

Alright, I have to go to bed now, have a great week ahead!!

*LIY でした

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