New clothes (finally!) and other things~
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Good morning~ lol. Ah I'm so tired. Fridays are one of my most packed days. Usually I have tuition from noon to 6 (at different places) and then I have night class, but it's holiday week!
But today was still busy. After tuition I had to go down to Queenstown to pay school fees and then went down Orchard (because I love Kino, and I also went to inquire again about spoon2Di Vol 38. Gonna call on Wed to ask them if it's in stock alr and ask them to reserve one. Will blog about it when I get it, because of the 36P K feature! それやばい and also angela will be in the magazine! And the furoku is awesome.).
I also bought the Kurobas Character Bible at Kino. I was actually thinking if I should get the Chinese or Japanese one, because Japanese is easier to read, for me because I learnt simplified Chinese but Taiwan translations are in traditional Chinese so sometimes it's pretty hard. Eh. Actually it doesn't make much of it difference. Aiya my Chinese just sucks. OTL Actually it's pretty good, but not really anything awesome. Anyway, so the Chinese one is cheaper, and I really need to save money because of my cosplans for STGCC. But I ended up buying the Japanese one anyway. And I know that translations of the main points in the CharaBible are available online but I wanted to buy it since I knew it was coming out so yeah. I also got KERA Jul issue today. Spent so much today....

After shopping at Kino, I headed to Somerset for dinner with my church cell group. We had ramen. Mm. I actually went there once with my dad before, and decided not to go back, but my cell wanted to go there so I just thought, okay, fine, but their ramen really not worth it. It's so ex but it's not nice and the toppings are rather stingy. ==" Woah, now that I really think about it, it's actually bloody ex. D: But there was this 1-for-1 ramen promotion so that's why we even went there in the first place. Actually our friend is a shareholder(?) of the restaurant so that's why we went there to show some support, but I'm really sorry man, I'm never going to eat there again. :/ I'm not really much on reviews so I'll just end this here. Aoba Ramen is still my love. I love Hokkaido ramen. OH. I really don't like Ajisen though. The last time I ate it was the first time I did in at least 10 years. And I didn't even eat half of it. haiiz.
Really long never eat Aoba liao. ): Maybe after August, when I can spare some money to splurge on expensive food. I think at least 1 year never eat, almost 2 years le ahh. D: Was damn sad when I found out that they were no longer at Tampines 1 but then I saw them at Vivo and was so happy, like heng ah I can still eat my Aoba ramen lolol.

After ramen, we decided to take the bus to River Valley Road and have frozen yoghurt at swirl art. Not bad. They are way cheaper than sogurt, like omg. When I was done with my yoghurt, I felt it and I seriously got a shock, like I was expecting it to be quite expensive since it's pretty heavy, but it was $5.80. It was at least twice as heavy as my standard sogurt ok, and my standard sogurt costs me $5+ too. And the yoghurt is really nice too. Toppings not as extensive as sogurt, but enough for me. And they also sell other food, so maybe I'll go there again one day!

I have this bad habit of blogging everything in one shot and I apologise. It makes my posts ridiculously long.
So on Monday, I went out and managed to get some shopping done! (Not my money so yeah.) Bought a few clothes from Lowry's Farm that I fell in love with when I saw them. I didn't manage to get all that I wanted, but it's enough, for now. Really happy because I haven't gone shopping for new clothes in 6 months. /hit And this season there are really alot of clothes that I like!! I wanna get some clothes from newlook too~~ I need new shoes though. I wanna buy Converse sneakers as well. Wanna get a new pair of black high-cuts. No photos because I didn't take any. Maybe in future. (I keep saying that don't I, sorry orz)

And also presenting highlight purchases of the week/month(?)

So I ordered a doujinshi from Toranoana (through a proxy) and it arrived this afternoon!! It's by my favourite circle so I'm really excited. I pretty much collect her doujinshi, except her MiSaru (K) ones.... prolly because her first MiSaru was a R18 and at that time I was pretty much icky over NSFW/R18 stuff. Yeeeeeap. (But then I pretty much got immune to it, and then I bought a R18 AkiFushi). I don't ship ren'ai SaruMi though so yeah that's another thing. If it's middle school SaruMi then I'm okay with ren'ai but for 19y/o SaruMi, nope. I just honestly want them to make up and be friends again.
Btw, GoHands is releasing some K goods and they decided to remove Fushimi's glasses for some of the designs. 超萌(Chinese) What's more moe than megane-danshi is megane-danshi with megane OFF. And Fushimi's whole expression just changes srsly.

Anyway, the next highlight is that I bought K SIDE: BLACK & WHITE!! 88888 Yay. Super ex though lol. And it's also the only novel I started reading. I bought RED and BLUE like damn long ago but I still haven't read them lol. And my Kagerou Daze is still halfway... orz

Btw, this ^ is basically all the stuff I bought for last month. New doujinshi from KOC and Toranoana, and recent stuff from Kino. I didn't include the other magazines in though.
Doujinshi I got this time round in KOC were from Taisho Democracy, zai and one more circle whose name I can't quite recall now orz suimasen.

Btw, here is my current doujinshi collection (stack size). It's super small compared to other people because oi proxy commission is expensive. I've seen how much doujinshi Washi can buy in one event and it's like. o_o That's like freaking heavy. Yeaaah. I also wanna go to doujin event la really. One day.

Okay. This is all I'll be blabbing about today! Yay I added photos in today's post hahaha xD
Good night everyone, it's almost 3AM already omg. I need to wake up early tomorrow; going Anime Matsuri at Funan (for KiDChan's workshop! Super excited)

*LIY でした

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