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Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2013 ( 01:36 ) 0 comments

So. I moved house on Sunday. Moved a few MRT stations away. Quite tiring.
Oh, PANDORA VOXX REBOOT arrived on Friday as expected, but I didn't have time to blog about it because I had to pack my stuff and boy. I took 2 whole days + Sunday morning to pack everything in my room only.
I also haven't gotten the time to listen to the whole album because I kept forgetting to sync my iPod. Doing it now. While listening to Polyphonic Branch's Nakimushi Pierrot.

Anyway, as with packing things, you will inevitably discover some ancient artefacts from your past tucked in some corner/unopened cabinet. I found quite a number of items actually. And threw away alot of stuff too. I was a really weird person even as a child lol. And I loved to write stories (that make me cringe nowadays lol) and draw. My drawings really sucked in Primary school, but during that period was sort of my proudest period because I made the most improvements in style and technique ahaha. Because I drew all the time. Having lesson also draw, go home draw, got free time draw. My P6 and Sec 1 drawings have this super huge gap you'd think 2 different people drew them. Actually I also liked to draw comics when I was younger. Because when I was younger I didn't care about the details, such as speech bubble placement, panelling, angles and sfx. I just drew the comics straight as I would imagine them lol.
I tweeted this once, that I'd wanna try to make a doujinshi one day. Well, I think it's impossible for me, because my drawing isn't good, and I would have problems thinking of a plot/story. But it'd be nice if I could.
I tried drawing a short manga once, like maybe 2 or 3 years ago. What is panelling lol. My panels were so boring I drew like half a page and made myself stop. Come to think of it. The panels looked more like a storyboard instead. HAHA. I started following some of my favourite pixiv artists on Twitter some time ago, and I really learnt alot on the process of making a doujinshi. I already know abit of the printing stuff because I used to be from Temasek Design but I didn't know much about the creation process.
I also want to buy ComicStudio or maybe IllustStudio. There's an English version called MangaStudio as well, distributed in the States/outside Japan by another company. Still thinking how. It's expensive.

Anyway. I went way off topic lol.

So I only just finally settled down- actually not yet. ==" I still have messy tables in my room argh. I need to buy some more stuff to keep my other stuff. Yeah, I spent like 2 days un-packing and arranging everyday. On Monday I woke up with aches all over my body. And my thigh muscles still hurt today. orz Ah so tired. *rolls*

Ohyeah. And the haze is horrible this week ugh. My nose is out to kill me for that man. And my eyes keep getting irritated. But compared to others it's not as bad. At least I don't need to wear a mask out (But I'll end up sneezing sometimes)
So tired ah.

Okay, I think I have nothing else to say.

I haven't counted the number of CDs I own though. Two-thirds of them are K-pop by the way. Kpop is cheap in Korea. By half the price. A mini-album costs around 12SGD in Korea. That same mini-album would cost at least $23 here.
Korean cosmetic as well =w= But Etude House here is still okay. The other brands are just crazy though.

Well, goodnight. So tired.

*LIY でした

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