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I'm currently updating from my phone while on the way to the airport to receive my dad back from Macau.
The BonJapan cafe is still going on at time of writing, but my shift was over at 4PM.

I worked from 9AM - 4PM as part of the meido team!
Got to know many people and made a few friends. Hope to see many of them soon again~

Anyway, I borrowed my friend's meido outfit for the cafe. I wore my lolita pannier under it and it was so poofy! It's from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Finally got a chance to wear it out proper *tears*

Honestly, the work was rather relaxed and fun, and I'm not particularly tired except for my back because I can't stand for too many hours.

Due to some issues with the supplier for the chicken rice, I think there were many customers who got impatient and displeased, which we deeply regret.

Regarding crowd, I think many of us were expecting a more otaku crowd but most of the menu was the characters that were popular with kids and "normal" people as well so to honest, most of our crowd was normal people.
Alot of little kids, which we don't mind because they are so cute lol.

Our butlers were more popular though LOLOL they actually got to serve the meido/butler menu because there are more single girls LOL
And our Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) actually fed one of the ojou-sama (1 spoonful only but lol why do they get the fun /hit)
I think we were quite qianbian (asking for a beating) because while our butlers were serving the menu, and about to feed the ojou-sama, we were like "say, ah" and dragged the ah rofl. Ok sorry.

Many of the guys who came for the cafe came with girlfriends or wives LOLOL so we can't do anything.
It's actually pretty hard to be moe to normal customers, and normal female customers even LOL.

Oh and cus there was that "power-up" spell thingy (meido cafe thing) we did that with some customers (normal) and some of them were like -stoned- "wtf was that um whuuuud"
Some did have fun doing it and some of the ladies were like "do it do it" to their male companions bc yes, the actions are pretty embarrassing for guys haha.

Our default spell is "Moe Moe kyuun" but I wanted to say "kon" as that's the sound a fox makes and I also had a fox hairpin on.
It goes "Moe Moe, kon-kon-kon!" sounds a bit like hitting sth but I like okeh /lolwut
But there wasn't any chance to bc we were all doing spells in pairs or groups.

Yep. And I want to lose weight (no link)

I think that's all to say for the event. I don't know how the dinnertime shift is handling it now but I'll prolly ask my friends who are working that shift.

Yup. Had fun, made friends. Not bad. Hahaha.
I still think I can't pose nor smile properly and I probably looked really tired bc I slept for like 5 hours? Yeah...

Okay! I shall end my post here~

*LIY でした

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