Recent buys! Make up + magazines and doujinshi
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Hello hello!
Today I will be sharing my recent make-up (and slight opinion/review) and what magazines and doujinshi I bought! I see that COSMODE has some really useful tutorials/tip in their last 2 issues, but I'm not sure if I would upload them/translate. :/ どうしよ
And also, I'm planning to buy some CDs within the month or so, so I will be sharing that (CD photos~) as well. Also thinking of maybe sharing my Taobao purchases in future? Especially since you can't be sure of what you're gonna get, so if someone reviews the store/item first it would be good? More people sharing the better, aye? Although starting from next year I plan to just buy wigs from Taobao, and some props as I plan to make my own costumes. I guess costume would depend on whether it's complicated to make, or cheaper (because some fabric are really expensive aye, and I would be only using a bit, but I can't buy a bit. Most stores sell by the yard/metre and hardly go smaller than that. Unless it's spotlight I suppose. /hit)


That's my loot from KOC II and FOW 3 (my mail-order doujinshi haven't arrived yet lol, I think it's because one of the books just ended the pre-order, so haven't started selling)
AKIFUSHI ANTHOLOGY AT THE TOP. It was good. Very good. Akina (明菜) didn't appear after all though ): Guess she was busy. I was looking forward to seeing Akina's AkiFushi!! Oh well. Another K book is maine (まいね)'s doujinshi ONSEN de SCEPTER. (but I got it from KAC shop, from KOC II)
Other those two, the rest are....all...Levi uke books. (/-/) すみません兵長 HONESTLY THOUGH. I prefer Levi as a seme but. All my favourite circles ship the other way round and their styles are very nice so. I only have one LeviEren book lol.

Next up is my new make up! (from 2 months-ish to 2 weeks ago)

I have two different photos because I bought new makeup after taking the first photo ^^; (Oh and some photos were taken with my DSLR therefore the difference in quality ;;)
Anyway, most of them are Japanese brand makeup.. because makeup from Sephora is way too expensive for me to buy regularly.
I have Heroine Make pressed lucent powder, Dolly Wink/Candy Doll limited edition brown bottom lashes, mascara, gold eyeshadow base, lipstick, pink/grey eyeshadow palette, STILA brightening concealer, KATE eyebrow colour-in, Majorca Majolica blusher, CANMAKE nose shading powder, ETUDE HOUSE eyeliners and foundation brush.

I have only used the Heroine Make pressed powder, Dolly Wink mascara, Candy Doll lipstick, STILA concealer, KATE eyebrow colour-in and CANMAKE nose powder.
I used all of them for my cosplay on STGCC (save the lipstick)
Well, some opinions on the products?

Regarding the Heroine Make lucent powder, honestly I was expecting something like translucent setting powder? I used a friend's setting powder once and I thought I'd want to buy one but she got it from Taobao and I didn't know how to look for it lol.
So actually the lucent powder is just very light (shade) powder. I have a photo of how it looks like opened:

The puff feels very soft and nice =w= upon patting it on your face it will look very bright (if you're not that fair) but after blending it out it actually "disappears" so I guess it sort of fulfils my requirements for a translucent powder.

The STILA concealer is rather thick, and I don't know if it's just me, but when I twist the top to dispense product through the brush I end up with more than I need even though I didn't mean to dispense that much... I don't need so much concealer TT_TT I wasted like probably 10cent coin-sized amount of it alr.

The colour for KATE's eyebrow colour-in is their newest colour, BE-1, which is supposed to match your skintone.
Yes it does, for me. Because I was too lazy to use the gluestick method to make my eyebrows disappear I just used the eyebrow mascara to make it look like my eyebrows disappeared xD WORKS FOR PHOTOS OK. But in real life I think you can probably see the eyebrow (duh..?) even from a meter away?? And anyway I wouldn't use eyebrow mascara to make my eyebrows disappear again lol I will do it properly.

The CANMAKE nose powder was really really very much less pigmented that I expected it to be. I suppose it's really for a "natural contour" kind of look but I really like my contour harsher especially when I'm taking photos (but my glasses covered up the nose contour anyway LOL I forgot about it). Mmm. It's okay I guess. I haven't tried it for normal make up days.

I also bought a powder brush from ecotools

Nope not good, in my opinion. I'm not sure if it because I had BB cream on, and too little powder but it feels weird to brush it on my skin. And it's dropping fibres already!! ): Where are the good and cheap brushes.

The liners from ETUDE House are automatic gel liners. The Line Nuance is a eyeshadow + liner in one.
I haven't tried them out yet... They should be okay I guess? Gel liners all feel/seem the same to me :x
Thinking of buying ettusais brown liquid liner (I love ettusais liquid liners the best, but Diamond Lash and Dolly Wink always rank highest in POPTEEN why).

That's all for now! Haven't properly written up a haul(?) entry with so many pictures! Will update when I get my mail-order doujinshi.

*LIY でした

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