Almost the end of the year!
Date: Thursday, 28 November 2013 ( 01:50 ) 0 comments

Wow, in another month I'll be labelling posts as "2014" now! Times flies... time flies...

I'm finally back, and will start to write better entries! Or rather, try to keep to what I planned in the first place: Personal blog posts with lyrics here and there. I'm planning to upload some food intro/reviews soon.

Gonna finally watch some anime. All the anime I've been shelving aside since foreverrrr. And gotta go on a K marathon in preparation for my shoot, read through Skip Beat (Heel Siblings) because I'm shooting for my friend, and re-read Inu x Boku SS for my shoot in KL. And make windmills for Senbonzakura MEIKO.

I need contact lenses too. Ahh. My first shoot's in over a week. AH.

Hopefully I'll be productive omg.
Need to get a part-time to fund and save for cosplans. TT_TT I have a freaking huge list and crazyass elaborate costumes to make when I've never even touched a sewing machine before. Applause for my stupidity, perhaps, please.
My first costume's due in April. D: I don't know if I should go send for tailor instead. Maybe I should. It's almost a month's allowance though erk. And I need to make a hat for that too meep. Doubt the tailor will make it.

Oh well. Do work tomorrow. Yup yup.

*LIY でした

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