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So I forgot to blog about EOY last week, and that I would be going to CF in KL, and now I'm already back from both events, opps!

Anyway, short entry for EOY and teaser(?) for CF's entry.

EOY this year was held at Marina Barrage as well, on 15 Dec. I was working at the WACOM booth, so I had to be there at around 9:45am, I woke up late because my phone somehow turned itself off over the night and the alarm won't ring if it's off (I know right, how annoying, my old clamshell could do it.) but I woke up in time.. though I ended up having to take a taxi from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.
I cosplayed Ririchiyo from InuBoku SS and IT WAS SO HOT I REGRETTED IT. My friend warned me the day before, during our shoot, but I could not change my cos because I already reported my character to Opehlia from EOY for the WACOM booth. But nevermind, I ended up scoring myself a shoot with a friend because he saw my Riri cos and told me he had a Soushi cos (which I already knew...) so we last-minute decided on a shoot lol. Um ya. LOL. Will update on that one after the CF ones. Gonna speed through all the posts.

Anyway, I'm always super anti-social and I hardly ask people for photos unless I really like the character/excited that there's a coser for that or I like the person's cosplay. I always end up kind of regretting it after a while though LOL. But I did take a photo with a Kongou from Kantai Collection crossplayerrr. Happy :D
Went through the art booths as well, and I got myself a luggage tag from Daiyaku~ It's really cute, and I immediately thought of bringing it to KL with me heehee. And since I go overseas pretty often too, I can use it then :D or when I bring luggage for cosplay.

Also managed to catch a friend, Suzume's performance on stage! Hmmmm. What else did I do.... I did hide in aircon during my break. And didn't eat much, except two cream puffs from BonJapan..... Hmmm. Yeah. Said hi to many friends too.

After the event, some of my friends stayed for the after-party, some went off for dinner, I also went home to have dinner~ It was my first EOY after the new committee, and it was fun. I hope they do change the location though, lol.

After EOY, it was off to Comic Fiesta! The days leading up to the departure were packed, washing clothes for cos, packing luggage, making prop~~ I didn't even sleep (ok 1 hour) the night before departure hurhur. We flew on Friday morning, so we had to arrive at around 7am at the airport. I decided to take a nap but my phone(!!) decided to be funny again and so I missed my original wakeup time but thank goodness I woke up in time gosh.
The first day we mainly shopped and walked around the area, spent most of my money then hurhur.
Bought makeup and the perfume I've been eyeing since really long!! I got Burberry Brit Sheer at KLIA Duty Free Shop, and it was waaaay cheaper than Singapore's SEPHORA.
Anyway, I shan't talk too much in this post, and create a new entry later for KL trip. We went to KL from 20 to 23 Dec, and Comic Fiesta was on 21 and 22 Dec! Will update the cosplay, and non-cosplay separately~

After coming back from CF, I had to rush off for a photoshoot (the last-min shoot lol) and so I will update on that later tooooo~

*LIY でした

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