Christmas shoot 23 Dec 2013
Date: Wednesday, 8 January 2014 ( 16:00 ) 0 comments

I'm finally updating on the Christmas shoot now!

Short background: Last-minute decided on a shoot for Christmas with Shin (decided on EOY lol), found a photog, and the date was:
the day I return from KL

Win right. HAHA. My Monday started with preparing to leave for KLIA, flying back to Singapore, getting past immigrations (which was crowded, but yessa automated clearance for citizens empty!) then waiting for luggage and then after hanging around because Mirai and Nanami went to Duty-Free to look around, before I decided I should just go on ahead because I really have to prep for my shoot so I did, and then reached home, freshened up a lil', prepped for cos, and then left house.
Shin is cannot be trusted de ok. Told him 7PM end up he 8PM then ready. omg. But I was late by 20min as well. But I still had to wait 40min for him and the thing is he started prepping from like 2?? *in utter disbelief*

But anywayyyy. Well that didn't bother me much la, cus I alr heard that he was late for his previous shoot that my friend helped out for and she was raging on Twitter lol. So kind of like, expected....

But anyway, while waiting for him, bumped into a photog friend! (We shot at ION btw, alot of ppl, very embarrassing. But it's okay, we're cosplayers.) Turned out there's another shoot going on nearby (Orchard area) and he was supposed to help out for them, but ended up staying with us haha.

At around 10plus or something?? the other group came over to ION, and at around 11pm, we asked them for a crossover shot~ Which I edited for Christmas upload~ Our photog was shocked when we told him we needed the photos by the next day lol... although I was pretty sure I did inform him beforehand... but he managed to send me the photos the next evening and I started editing. Really troubled him for that ^^;;

It was a fun shoot~ And really went on unexpectedly long. We were surprised when we learnt the time after finishing this scene we wanted to do. Didn't have many nice photos either ^^;; But well! It's like that.

*LIY でした

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