Started working again~
Date: Tuesday, 21 January 2014 ( 23:56 ) 0 comments

So recently my Photoshop trial expired (uhu) and I'm gonna get it licensed soon (after I get my pay) but I can't edit photos now, unless I use GIMP which I really don't want to (ok i'm just making excuses to not edit photos)
but anyway I edited quite a few photos already but just don't want to upload bc BL *cough* embarrassing somemoreeeee. Got this one that I on-the-spot wanted to take bc I was just draping(??) myself on my friend then thought of the pose, and IT'S SO EMBARRASSING JUST LOOKING AT THE THUMBNAIL. So I haven't even opened it and omg the photog still said take a few more lol so I have like, don't know how many shots of that in my computer now.....

But anyway, I just started working again, because I really need to, if I want to finish my cosplans for this year....

Yeah. Lunar New Year is coming~ Not sure if I'll be getting angbao though :/

Life has been boring lately.

I'm not sure what I did for the past 3 weeks. Other than that K shoot. And editing photos before PS expired.

Ohyea, meeting a friend this Sat to discuss our cosplan together~

Okay, my brain really cannot work now lol. Actually my brain already wasn't working well today at work yeah LOLOL.


*LIY でした

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