Appeared on Hello Japan programme, Hello Tokyo last weekend!
Date: Friday, 14 February 2014 ( 01:44 ) 0 comments

I'm so lazy to blog that I have such a long backlog I just forget about it already. /hit

SO! Pika Pika Meido Cafe was invited to appear on Hello Japan's anniversary programme, Hello Tokyo's 1st episode on 09 Feb 2014. We were all very excited about it as we didn't expect such an invitation!! Usually we get invites for events.
The show was to be broadcasted live, and there was a meet-up discussion with the client(?), the director of a talents management company Future Stage.

But if you caught the show last week, you would have noticed that the only Pika meido who was on the whole show was Terumi. And she actually wasn't invited as Pika Meido, but more of cosplayer/writer for Cute~POP~ orz

Yeaaaa. There was a few other discussions and change of plans and stuff, and so it ended up being the host (Ms Benedict), Vincent from Cute~POP~ and Terumi for the most part of the show.

Somehow after some more discussion, the show decided to let 2 meidos from Pika appear and talk briefly. Yes, it ended up being very very brief until I couldn't understand the point of having us on the show orz If I were watching as a normal audience, honestly, I won't understand why there was 2 last minute guests who were just. like. No intro whatsoever and then appear, then show the Idol Cafe performance, then after that back to the guests, but it wasn't focusing on the guests.
And also, were Vincent and Terumi also guests, or considered hosts as well??

Yes, very confused.

But anyway, it was a good experience, although the waiting hours were kind of boring because there wasn't anything to do but hey we weren't the only ones and also there was a TV in the reception/lounge but we didn't know if we could turn that on or what (or else I would have watched the show while it was broadcasting!)
The staff were all very nice people. Very lovely people and the guys were really good-looking yes. (oi)

After the filming wrapped up and we changed and all, Ringo and I headed to Bugis Street to have ramen at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons! I went there once previously with Natsumi, and had their winter special, miso and oyster ramen. It was delish and it was really good so I wanted to go there again and try the other seasons.
So this time I had the autumn bowl, which was miso pork! It was also very delish~

Well, so concludes my Sunday. It's Valentine's Day today, but I shan't acknowledge that! It's Tatara's birthday, okay! lol

I recently bought fabric for my upcoming coses, and I need to buy new needles and thread orz heading to Spotlight tomorrow as I have a $10 voucher to use!

*LIY でした

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