2 degree ice art exhibition + Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
Date: Thursday, 6 March 2014 ( 20:28 ) 0 comments

Finally, something exciting in my life~ LOL
Went to the 2Degree Ice Art Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands area (it's just outside the lobby, opposite the taxi stand!) with Suzume, Natsumi and Nanami yesterday!
The experience was pretty fun, thanks to the ice slide they had, and the sculptures were all pretty amazing! Although, $20 for admission was slightly expensive for such a small exhibition. But it's Singapore yo, imagine the bills to keep the interior at -15 degree Celsius!
We entered at around 3plus, maybe 3:30pm? And stayed there for over an hour until "snowfall".
Honestly, their site contains too little information for certain things, somehow I think it's really "making themselves sound exciting/interesting by omitting certain information" kind of ploy. The snowfall was only at a certain area near the slide, and it was very, very small. And of course, the snow was really fake (it was just shaved ice, to put it plainly, but that's the best SG can get I suppose). It lasted for about 5minutes.

I wore tights with a skirt that day (because SG is so bloody hot, I'd rather shiver than perspire yo) and my butt was freezing after playing on the slide LOL.

Anyway, the costs for entering the exhibition is on their website. Student rate on weekdays is $20. AND important: You have to rent the winter coat for $5. Yea, so bring your own coat if you have one, or maybe pack a thicker jacket if you want. Especially if you plan on taking photos because um, no way I'd be caught dead in that. It's not ugly, per se, but I don't like padded jackets. And if you're cheapskate, like me. $5 can feed me a few meals at work y'knowww. And I felt really caught off-guard because NOTHING was stated about the coat rental on the website; I clicked like everywhere just exploring the site and not once did they mention the coats. So yea. I actually wore a t-shirt with a cardigan that day so I just went in like that. -15deg is like Korean ski mountain at night anywayyyy. *flips hair* By the way, they'll give you a pair of gloves for free.

So, after freezing in the exhibition for about an hour, we went out to a small food court-like place (had 2 food stalls, 1 drink), slacked (trying to warm up) and ate a bit before deciding to go to Ramen Kagetsu to try their new (limited run) Dry Curry Itameshi~ The nearest restaurant was at The Cathay, so there we headed~

I've been to Kagetsu 2 times already before, and their ramen is lovely. We reached there just after 6pm, and I guess it's not really popular with the crowd that frequents The Cathay, because we sat there until 7-ish, and it was still pretty empty (while maki-san and Popeyes were bustling). Initially we went with the intention to try the Itameshi, but I remembered they had the new-launch Ginjiro ramen which I wanted to try, so I ordered that, and Suzume ordered their Genkotsu Karabara (spicy miso) ramen! Natsumi ordered the intended itameshi while Nanami was just koping food lol.

I didn't dare try Suzume's ramen because both Suzume and Nanami said it was really spicy (Suzume was perspiring towards the end of her bowl!) but I tried abit of Natsumi's itameshi, and it was not bad! Not spicy even though it's a curry, not really much curry taste actually. The Ginjiro ramen was not bad, the chashu was really nice too! As usual, they provide a variety of condiments and seasoned veges (something like leek kimchi) and a jug of iced water! I love places that serve water for free.
Kagetsu is actually pretty affordable for such a good ramen place, and they have a weekday lunch (11:30-2:30pm) set which makes it even better! Actually their standard ramen you can also choose the soup base, shio and miso (just fyi)
Our total was $49.10 for 3 people, with itameshi being $12.90, Ginjiro $13.90 and Genkotsu Karabara $14.90 (I think).

So that's it for my Wednesday~ for those wanting to experience some chill, go ahead and splurge; for anyone looking for nice ramen, Kagetsu has 3 outlets at The Star Vista (btw, Menya Musashi is there too, their tsukemen is damn nice), The Cathay, and Tampines 1!

*LIY でした

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