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outdated post no 2 and also the name is a pain to type
Went to have pancakes at Batter Fluffy Flaps because I was having a pancake fever for quite some time last year, after Strictly Pancakes. Went to BFF on 19 Sept, 2013, after my sister's tuition that night, since it was nearby (for her. I had to take the train and a shuttle bus.)
It's near i12 (I dunno, is that how you spell it..? srsly the typography is a riddle.) ANW, aka 112 Katong. There's a shuttle bus from Paya Lebar MRT. And after alighting at 112 Katong, you have to cross the road to the shophouses (from the main entrance of 112) and then turn left and walk down the street. You should pass by a few other food establishments, particularly a Thai steamboat (mookata, was it??) before arriving. Probably about 10 minutes, depending on your pace. The façade of BFF is a lovely pale sky blue, and there is a huge sheep mascot/statue right outside, so yup, cannot miss it. I wanted to take a photo with it but decided against it out of embarrassment lol.

On to the menu (which was very cutely designed, and I loved the overall interior decoration of the place)

How to order at BFF (ohyea, you take a seat, and then after deciding what you want to order, go up to the cashier and order/make payment at the same time.)
Okay, I took a photo of the drink menu because of the infographic that was made to describe the various coffees they have.

We ordered some drinks~ I forgot what I ordered, but I think it should be the Blended Chocolate Milk. The pink one probably the fruity smoothie.

Pancake has arrived! My sister ordered the one with kebab and she already starting digging into it before I could take a photo so here, have my "Top it, Drop it, Dot it". My sister saw it and told me I was gonna get a chocolate coma.

The pancakes are also pretty fluffy~ (thus the name, lol)

BFF has a Facebook page as well as a website which has their menu, so you can go check out the prices beforehand! I think Strictly Pancakes is about the same range....? (cannot remember)
FOOD: Pancakes were fluffy, huge variety, I honestly couldn't choose what to get, tasted delicious, and not as heavy as Strictly Pancakes. I couldn't finish my pancakes at SP ): Feel damn wasted, but at least I could finish the ones at BFF!
Ambience: There were 2 annoying girls in the restaurant that night, so it was a really damper ==" The place is also quite small and sound travels pretty easily around the place (no dividers/walls) but it wasn't crowded, at all, like you could be the only one there if you came on the right date and time. Yeeeap. The whole place was very pretty too, so I liked it.
Price: Affordable... I guess? Omg I swear I'm damn cheapskate.
Location: Because it's at Katong, it's damn bloody annoying to go there, but I would say fairly accessible.
Service: Good, no complaints.

I think I got back my pancake fever recently, after seeing my friend go Strictly Pancakes for Valentine's Day (and then they went to another pancake place for White Day, lol), been wanting to go back BFF again....お金もない、時間もない。w

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