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Super outdated post, lol.
Went to Tsukada Nojo for dinner one day (Sept 8, 2013 ww) after wanting to try it out for SO LONG. My dad never had the patience to wait for a seat because we always ate at typical-dinnertime after his work so the restaurant was always full. But! I found out that there was a new outlet near his workplace~~ So I managed to get him to eat that with me, because I'd queue and he'll just walk over after I tell him there's a seat... huhu... #lifeofbeinghisdaughter #foreverqueueingfirst


This was our table. There's an induction cooker, condiments/seasoning, bowls and utensils/napkins~ The usual stuff for a Japanese restaurant.

The windows were something like a traditional Japanese room's sliding doors, but without the paper, so you can see the busy road below hoho (lol) The seating capacity of this outlet is about the same as Plaza Singapura's.

The waitresses actually wore yukata, and I think that's really cute, and also, service is superb over there.
The menu's pretty cute too.

We picked the standard set (min 2 ppl), if I remember correctly, and it came with prawn, aburaage, fish maw(?), radish, enoki, okra/ladies' finger and a bunch of leafy veges! There was also noodles to put in the nabe after everything's done cooking. (That's my practice: we cook all the ingredients first and then have the carbs last)
The special thing about Tsukado Nojo's hotpot is their Bijin Nabe, which is specially prepared chicken stock, condensed into jelly/gel form, that will slowly melt into a soup!

In about 5 minutes! After that, you can start cooking your ingredients! (Usually I throw the vegs in, then the meats)
The nabe with all the ingredients
They also served yuzu pepper to have with the nabe

After we were done, time to cook the noodles~
Like really narrow kway teow. Sorry I can't remember the name of this type of noodles at the moment, lol, except the pasta term, which would be tagliatelle, except that this isn't pasta.

There was dessert after, I think it was a "service"/freebie. It was super cute with chocolate art on the plate, reminds me of maid cafes wwww (oi) It was just 2 pieces of chocolate (something of a pudding/panna cotta texture). Not bad. The chick was cute. Lol

I arrived at the restaurant at around 5:30-ish~6pm, and it was an hour (or half an hour, I cannot remember orz, I think the former) wait before we got a table. Oh, there is a dining time limit of 45minutes, and it is recommended that your full party be present before they will offer you a table. (doesn't matter if they come late, I guess, just means they have less time to eat :o) The crowd came in at around 7 ~ 7:30 that day, which was quite late compared to Plaza Singapura.
Anyway! Let me present my somewhat-of-a-rating:
Food: Very nice. I can't remember exact but it was just very nice. The soup was great.
Ambience: There wasn't many people, no noisy tables, lighting was pleasant, a nice place to eat at.
Price: Cannot remember. /hit Okay, expensive for non-working students lol (then again, that depends on how much allowance you get)
Location: Convenient~ Both outlets that I know of are near MRT stations. I would suggest checking out their Facebook to see if they have other locations.
Service: Very good, so good it was unexpected. Pretty high standard for a restaurant in SG, and expected of a Japanese restaurant I would say (though actually many restaurants in Japan prolly have normal service, just that the staff are nicer/more polite than in SG hurhur). And the uniform is so nice~

Ah, I wanna go there again, after blogging about it lol.

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