Anime Matsuri Week tomorrow!
Date: Sunday, 8 June 2014 ( 20:50 ) 0 comments

Hello! So I haven't been posting much because I, honestly, forgot about this blog. I completely forgot about blogging. OTL
But some quick updates is that I recently started a new part-time at a restaurant/bar with really nice pay *w* The people are nice too, and there is a really cute bartender *w* (sixyearsagedifferencethoughomgthisiscausingmealotofpain)

Let's see what else has happened since I last blogged... *looks into the distance* Hmm, I guess a few events have passed? I went to J-Obsession and wanted to go Asia Cosplay Meet (commonly called Cure Fest) but it rained so I didn't go ACM in the end.
Also did a few casual/seifuku shoots with friends (went to Flower Dome and Sky Forest at Gardens by the Bay for the first time!!) and participated in the first Harajuku Walk in SG! Wore Lolita that day. I want to graduate from sweet loli le lol...

Okay! So that's all the highlights~ (lol)
Anime Matsuri at Funan IT Mall, by AFA starts tomorrow! I'm planning to go on Sat and Sun because the stage events for those dates interest me (and they haven't really released the schedules for the weekdays either?? AFA wat u doing) Planning to go on Friday evening if I can afford to!! (Chionging costume... current progress is 0%.)

Yep, and Saturday is training for the PIKA PIKA Party on 21 Jun as well, will go after visiting Anime Matsuri.

Yep. I should start styling my wig and then tomorrow after buying fabrics instantly pre-wash them then Tuesday start production.

All.. the best... to me.. lol... ganbarimasu...

Also, why do I just like guys with good-looking faces. Yea, why man. Why. Sigh.

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