STGCC Plans!
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2012 ( 00:38 ) 0 comments

Hello hello!
Alrights! To start off, I'll be going to STGCC (both days) with some girls from KC and a few of us will be cosplaying for Day 1!
We're going to cosplay Basket Army (Busou Chuugakusei; 武装中学生) ^^
Need to do a cosplay test soon...

Anywaaaaay, I was just planning to go for Day 1 just for the cosplay, but then I found out that PIKO will be down for the second day! *cries* So I went ahead and bought 2-day ticket to STGCC after that....Sigh. Usually I only go for 1 day of events (Sat), because my Sunday is quite "small". I have weekly commitments in the morning til 1PM and later in the evening I have weekly family dinner.... So actually I only have like 5hours of free time, but I need to factor in travelling to and from the event so that's like only 3 hours of event time. Sigh.
Actually I used to go for the Sunday part of events, until my weekly Sunday commitments set in. Because! I have, once again, weekly commitments on Saturday afternoons from 4PM. Haiiz......... *sadlife* LOL no, actually I do quite enjoy the activities I've given my weekends to.
Okay, anyway, KC School Party is 2 weeks away! Yay yay~
Our event page on FB!
I'm neck-high with a lot of things I have to settle but have not started so I really have to chiong ah! Ganbarimasu!

Okie, shall end off this entry now(:
/need to spray paint props and buy last-minute prop (that I realised existed)

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