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Went for STGCC Day 1 in cosplay.
It's late now, so I shall update this post tomorrow, along with a STGCC Day 2 post!

Hello, I'm back!
Anyway, one sentence to describe Day 1: PHOTOG WALLS EVERYWHERE
I don't know if it's because we're a group (w/ guns or something) or if the series is really that popular, but there were damn alot of photogs. It's like crazzzyyyyy.
And my arms got so suan because blazer + posing with shooting pose + try to look like you still have your neck and shoulders = pressing down my shoulders while extending my neck and having my arms as straight as possible. Um yeah.
And also, I bought lao hua yan glasses from Daiso because my character wears specs BUT I couldn't remove the lenses. And the glasses were +3.00 degrees. I couldn't SEE ANYTHING IT WAS LIKE BLUR EVERYWHERE. Couple that with flashes going off every second...
It was fun, really fun. (:
The first part of STGCC Day 1 was really just posing for photographs and all that. Until around 3-4pm, Yuki had to go off, so after that we had our own activities~ Nanami went to find her friends I think, then I hanged around with Suzume and Natsumi~
I gave two tries for the Ichiban Kuji by BonJAPAN; 1 for Sentimental Circus, the other for Rilakkuma/ko-Rilakkuma. I got a tumbler for SentiCircus and a glass(as in cup) set for Rila, and it is the marine series! :D I don't think STGCC period was a lucky period for me...haha

Anyway, I went to Artist Alley after, and for me, most of the artists weren't the kind I like. But there was this booth selling keychains/phone straps/badges and they were really creative with the keychains/straps! And the drawings were really cute and adorableeee~ SO, I bought two sets of keychains:
1. Ao no Exorcist (8 chara + 2 mini phone straps) $15
2. Nurarihyon no Mago (6 chara + 1 mini phone strap) $12
Total is $27, so I got a freebie~ a badge of their OC :3

Rights. Cosplay crowd for Day1:
AWESOME LIKE HELL. (Actually I don't know why people use "hell"; I mean it's not an awesome place? :x)
Let's see, alot of doubles/same chara, but there were a lot of cosplayers on Day1
NuraMago, CCS, Ciel (and Sebas only on Day 2 lol; Day 1 all female Ciels), Vocaloid, as usual, and......... okay I can't remember. Oh, but I remember one Tegami Bachi cosplayer! OH AND TWO FREAKING SHUAI DAI COSPLAYERS OK I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY COS-ING BUT OMFG LIKE SHUAI DAO BAO. I'm sorry, I have a thing for guys in uniform, even though one of them might be a girl. *coughs* I think that's all for Day 1. Not much action, but spent my time shopping, trololol.

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