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Hello again!
Alright, so STGCC Day 2 = AWESOME.
I really enjoy going as cosplayer, but going a photog (like really amateur photog, but pro-er than those holding digicams and phones, lol) is also really fun!
Anyway, Day 2 was the day where PIKO has his stage segment!! Fangirl hour moment. Like seriouslyyyyy.
The first song he started off was Ama no Jaku, and I was like "OMG IT'S AMA NO JAKU OMG I LOVE HIS VERSION". I'm serious, not even saying it cus it's PIKO, but I really love the mixing and guitar in his version of Ama no Jaku.
And another time was when he started Nisoku Hokou... I literally screamed when I heard the first word. Cus I really really wanted him to perform Nisoku Hokou live! But seriously, I think I was so starstruck the entire time I can't remember anything properly. BUT I CAN REMEMBER THAT HE CHU-ED THE AUDIENCE (ie us lol) OMGGGGGG SPAZ during Nisoku Hokou.
And I think for the anime fans, he performed Sakurane. AND HE PERFORMED HIS NEW SONG "Make My Day!"! I went to read Binbougami Ga! just because I heard about it from PIKO. But, I don't like the manga.
He's reaaally cute, and I don't mean like "look cute", but his way of speaking!

Okay, then later had the "WALK OF FAME: PIKO" annnnddddd. Cus I already got his CD 2PIKO and it's the same one as they were selling at his booth, I could get his autograph! I also bought one CD for Natsumi cus she was cosplaying and she totally went MIA after PIKO's stage. And both CDs were signed :D Yay. Awesome.
And I was such a fangirl after that. Like seriously. Yeah. You don't even want to know, hahaha.

Okay, anyway, COSPLAY CROWD:
Day 2 cosplay crowd was lesser, and there were lesser groups, alot of duos/trios or solos. A lot of Vocaloid, and I've never seen those versions before (Like from what song etc) but Senbonzakura was really popular~
Oyea, there was Adventure Time (and Homestuck) cosplay. (Oh, and there was Korra and Amon on Day 1, and also Homestuck)
There was also Hetalia!! YAY! May the Hetalia fandom live onnnnnn haha. Last year there were a lot of Hetalia, two years back as well. It's cooling down though. NuraMago also, but I think it's because the manga is on hiatus?
Tegami Bachi guy was also back on Day 2 :P

Okay, so I didn't really buy anything on Day 2, I just went around taking photos. Ohoh, I saw this Gakupo/Kaito/Len trio that looked super cool (yes they were in uniform) but they were so cool I got intimidated. Plus they were "booked" by a photog who was giving them instructions (??). Yeahhh.
Okay la~ STGCC is pretty awesome, but I'm not really a regular. I didn't go to last year's event. But I catch every year of AFA lol. Sorry m(_ _)m

well~ I guess it's been a really great an awesome weekend ^^ tomorrow I'm going to karaoke with some friends from church! wkwk xD

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