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Date: Thursday, 25 October 2012 ( 03:05 ) 0 comments

I haven't blogged in ages, so I thought I'd come by and say something. Lately, my life hasn't been interesting, and there hasn't been anything interesting to blog about.
Anyway, recently, I've joined some NND communities, mainly those of the utaites I really like. I started joining commus because of PIKO really, LOL. He was going to hold a Nico Nama Housou (live streaming/broadcast) and I really wanted to watch it, but it was "community-limited", so I actually deliberated for 2 days before joining the community!! Hahaha
So after that, I started joining more commus and watching the various housous the utaites host. Takes up alot of time really... ^^; sometimes the housous clash and I'm like "omg which one should I watch argh I can't timeshift either one". Yep... So it's like, I have to choose between which utaite I like better....*cough* Most housous also go on for quite also... Usually 1 hour to 2 hours. 96neko had one recently which was like 3hours. And she was playing Donkey Kong on the Wii.... LOL. It went on until 3AM, srsly (Japan time). There was one Marasy hosted in which he got a new iPhone 5 and he was playing with SIRI for one hour. That is something admirable, in my opinion. And his reactions are srsly adorable!! And his Engrish is so cute ahahahah.
I think it's the language but I really think Japanese voices are super nice! *coughvoicefetishcough* All the utaites' housous I've watched, I think their speaking voices are all really nice! Except Pokota. Okay, his voice is nice, but I don't really like his way of speech. Like, he speaks with a certain drawl and it's slightly tiring, because personally I don't like people who speak slowly.

Alright, anyway. I've gotten some sort of plan for EOY, and I'm gonna get quotations soon from various places soon and get my costume tailored. Yes, yours truly does not know how to sew. Actually I do, but I sew really really slowly and I don't know how to make clothes.
Oh, and I'm not cosplaying for AFA because I've not the time, and also, I doubt I'll be staying long during AFA because I'll head off to church in the afternoon. I think I'll be going for Day 1. Don't think I'll go for Day 2 because it's just SPHERE that I'll be going for...so. Okay, actually I'm also not really sure. I'll make a decision later.

Right. Anything else I should update on...?
Oh, if I must say this, then I'm actually quite hooked on mikitoP's latest work, Sarishi no Hara. (or Sarishinohara). I love clear's version!!
And, also Starbucks Autumn drink: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino. I LOVE it. I drank the hot one today, and I think I prefer the ice-blended one instead.
Alrights, that all on my life right now, hahaha. I think I left out big chunks of info (from STGCC til now) but oh well~

ja ne~

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