3 days to AFA!
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Lol this is becoming some AFA countdown. But AFA is one of my top events to go to. I just like it a lot, probably because it was the first event I cosplayed at? EOY also has a special place in my heart, because it was the first event I went to. (2008, so it was the "old" EOY) I'm still supporting EOY now even though they're a new team now!
KiraCandy will have a booth at EOY, if you follow EOY's updates on FB, it's called "Sweet Wonderland" haha. Details aren't out yet on what we will be doing, but I won't be there as a KC Girl, because I will be cosplaying. Will drop by and play with the girls whenever I'm bored though, lol!

Anyway, the other day (Tues?) I went to Kinokuniya. Bad move, stupid decision, because I squandered like half of my allowance in that trip. Uh-huh, a bad move, especially with AFA in the weekend. Counting my money and I'm like, "I can't buy anything during AFA... ;_;" aka story of my life. Haha. I almost never have enough money during events to buy things. Sorry, I haz poor money management.
But what I bought were Popteen December issue and Danmaku Yumesuke October issue (and the 6th issue apparently). I almost died reading Danmaku because the magazine is like 80% Japanese text. Actual standard Japanese, not slang like Popteen (and lots of katakana and random English words lol). I read 10 pages and I think I've hit my limit on the amount of Japanese I can read per day, lol!
But, anyway, firstly, for those who don't know what Danmaku Yumesuke is, from what I gather based on its contents, it's a magazine which features NND users from the VOCALOID section, like utaite 歌い手 and Vocaloid producers (VocaloP). And I think the previous issue (3 or 4?) featured DANCEROID as well. Oh, and Merochin was featured in this issue. Though I haven't seen other yattemita users featured except utaite and odorite 踊り手. It's mainly just interviews and small-scale photoshoot sessions with the various users. Interviews actually reveal some about the utaite/odorite's character, if the transcript actually keeps true to what they actually said during the interview. Dasoku actually slipped from using "boku" to "ore" sometimes during the interview, lol. (suchagoodlookingkaishainomg)

I've been really addicted, okay, not addicted, but the tune just keeps playing in my head, to Ophelia (by Nem) and root5's Mikazuki Hime. These two songs just randomly start playing in my head, I'm not kidding lol. Unfortunately, Ophelia is CD-only, and I don't wanna download it, so I've been using YT to listen to it lol. Ophelia basically has two(?) versions: Dasoku and Mi-chan. Dasoku's ver is in the 4x4 (four by four) collaboration CD that was released last year Jan. Mi-chan's ver is in Nem's album (feat various utaites) apparently called "Nem's Garden" but it's "Moratorium" in the katakana. I'm not really sure either because I only got serious in the whole VOCALOID music scene this year, lol. Even though I've been listening to Vocaloids and utaites (without even knowing they were called utaites lol) since 2007, ahaha ^^;; Oh, and it was released last year June.

Hai. And anyway, now that I'm seriously into the whole Vocalo-music scene and also because I've become somewhat of an audiophile, I've been wanting to buy CDs of the utaites I like and the producers that I like. (expensive though, lesigh). Speaking of which, on Tuesday I also went to HMV, just to look at the NND/Vocaloid section (hahaha yes, they have a shelf in the Japanese music section) and I noticed papiyon's CD BUT I didn't buy it, because I already have no money. Hahaha. Maybe some other day, since I think it will just stay there....... There aren't many people into Vocalo-music in SG to the point where they will buy CDs. But frankly, I treat the P's as pros even though technically they are amateurs, esp if they are doing producing as a hobby while having a full-time job outside. Some of their songs can be/are better that the current mainstream music selling nowadays. And anyway, I'm an audiophile, so I can tell the difference in audio quality, esp if the difference is really great, such as background music loss, beat loss, synth or something similar loss. Stuff like that. And really poor quality music is hard to listen to. They sound fuzzy-ish, and not as clear. But anyway, my main point was that CD quality music is something worth paying for. Because videos on YT/NND are compressed (most of the times anyway, because for most of the utaites, they are premium members so they don't have a limit on their file size, so they can have 356kbps audio).

Alright, enough yak. I think that whole chunk was uninteresting to read ahaha. Can't wait for AFA, hopefully can drag a friend along than going alone D: Even my other friends have their own friends to go with. And some of my friends are cosplaying so I doubt I can walk around with them much... Oh well. Going in JK wear for Sat, and gyaru style on Sun, for Marble Collection! (:
So ends this post. Byeee

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