AFA is over!
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Hello hello~
AFA 2012 is over! Yeah AFA is over, it was super awesome :D
The humidity was killing me on both days though...Especially today, haha because I had makeup on lol.

Alright anyway, SATURDAY:
Arrived just after noon. Walked around Festival grounds for awhile before heading to Stage to catch K! :D K presentation was awesomeeeeee. KANAME's cosplay!! After watching Ep 5 I totally fell in love with Fushimi LOL. At first Yata was my favourite character, now Fushimi has totally upped him lolol (oooh burn). Anyway, during the K presentation, Danny Choo was the host, and for the first fifteen minutes they played a summary of what transpired during the last 6 episodes that have been aired. After that was a Q&A with the producer Go Nakanishi, and also for the peeps who don't know what K is about, an introduction of the story and the characters. There was also a video of the K web radio (Called KR). BUT! The web radio that was screened was a special, just for the fans outside of Japan! =w= It was interesting. And informative haha.
And then there was the cosplay contest, where the winner gets to go to Japan for the K event over there! And KANAME said that if he's free he'll bring that person for ramen, lol! There were a few Kuroh and Shiro cosplayers, and 2 Seri cosplayers. Ahh and I think it's really cool if Yata cosplayers can actually skateboard :/ But meh, that's just my opinion. AND. There was a super cool and really good Fushimi cosplayer! :D

Alright. Then after the K presentation, I went back to walking around the festival grounds. Didn't really get to do much (except spend money lol). Couldn't walk around too much as well, there were some booths I didn't manage to check out. Sword Art Online (SAO) booth was crazy though. The queue was insane! MAD! CRAZY! Like totally. Wow. SAO is way too popular.

A lot of KuroBas. Saw a tall (real height) Murasakibara. As for the rest, they were short... with platforms... lol. Some of them were guys as well, and with platforms they only hit my height lol (my guess based on their surroundings). But the cosplay was good! Esp this Midorima who was actually a guy.
I heard there were a few Kirito (SAO) but I didn't see any.. But there were quite a few Ciel cosplayers. Mm, a few Vocaloid, heard that one of them is a friend of my friend. There was a really cool England cosplay! And Prussia + Genderbent Prussia. Nicenice.

Next next, to SUNDAY:
I only went for Marble Collection, so I didn't go in AFA today. Saved myself alot of money, it would seem, haha, thanks to my friend, who didn't really want to go in. She came just for Marble Collection. Marble Collection was also really great. It wasn't really how I expected it to be, so I'm not sure whether that's good or bad, but it was still a great show! Especially the part where they modelled Gothic Lolita clothing omg! All so pretty! The dance performances were also really good! And there was this super fan (of the dancers I assume) who was super enthu, he was swinging his lightsticks around dancing along to the dances. Somehow, it made me *sweatdrop* haha...

A lot of Vocaloid this time round, lol. There was a full (almost; missing Luka) Senbonzakura group AND THEY WERE SUPER ACCURATE. Especially the shoes! I didn't really expect their shoes to follow the illustration/character design but THEY DID. Really take my hats off to them. Admire them sia!! They would be by far the best Senbonzakura cosplay I've seen just because of the shoes.
And there was also a Sailor Moon group cosplay, which was missing the title character, strangely. Maybe she was late, who knows. But, their shoes were also accurate. Just like the manga/anime. I heard they were foreigners, but anyway.
AND there was a Miketsukami (Inu x Boku SS) WITH THE TAILS THE TAILS THE TAILS. I really admire these kind of cosplayers sia. Especially those who cosplay kimono-type costumes, or those with large props like wings or BRS cannon. I wanna cosplay this kind of costume in future sia....
Right, and what other cosplays were there... Mmm. Well, can't really remember/name all of them. But cosplay crowd/quality for Sun was definitely better than Sat :p

Alright, I shall end the AFA event round-up post here. Byeee~

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