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Date: Sunday, 20 January 2013 ( 17:33 ) 0 comments

Hello hello I'm back again~ LOL sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with this blog. I seem to post more romanised lyrics than entries about my own life. Hnn, I really don't know what's the direction I want to go in with this blog ahaha. I mean, usually it's lyrics/non-personal stuff only or personal stuff only right?! But anyway, I only started putting up romanised lyrics because I couldn't find them anywhere else, or the ones that I find have errors in them.

Last week I tried to translate ORANGE, but I got stuck at the 3rd stanza, the one that goes
"aishikirenai kimi no koto
tsurarete naku watashi mo yowai koto"
I couldn't figure how to translate it properly. I translate things too literally. My Japanese standard is also only at JLPT N4 by the way. I think according to JLPT it's a "average daily conversation" standard, but I'm not sure. N2 means you can work in Japan, and N1 is fluent. Probably. I can't remember.

Well anyway, the first half of every year is always very boring for the Singaporean otaku because events don't take place until end-June. We used to have events in the beginning of the year but I think the organising team put the project on hold...? I don't think they closed the event for good.
I've also started school, and I'm trying to pick up my pace, because well, I've not been studying for over a year so I'm really rusty. Need to get into the faculty I want. (My desired degree is in National University of Singapore's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and from what I've read on their website, applicants don't gain admission into the course, but the faculty first, then they choose the degree they wish to do within that faculty. Very strange, unlike the other degrees.)

Anyway, it's a new year for KiraCandy as well. Some members graduated out of the team, and we have new girls joining us. Trying to get used to all this as well.
We will be releasing our profiles in February, so those interested please do check us out!
Here's our FB page {KIRACANDY}

Within the last week I also mixed a cover (I really have no idea how to mix properly. I just EQ and add effects where necessary, and also reduce breaths) BUT! It's only on my personal FB because I don't think it sounds nice enough for the world to listen to. I covered Hitorinbo Envy (独りんぼエンヴィ), produced by koyori/電ポルP. It's at a comfortable key for me to sing without warming up (LOL). Vocaloid songs are too high seriously, lol. After singing a song once through my throat hurts lolol.

Oh well, mikitoP uploaded a new song, and I might romanise it within tonight, or tomorrow. I think most likely tomorrow, because I have to study today.


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