New Year Resolutions
Date: Thursday, 10 January 2013 ( 00:03 ) 0 comments

Yosh. It's been 9 days into the new year, and yes I'm only writing a New Year Resolutions list now.

Mini update: I had new spectacles made yesterday! No photos, sorry ^^;

On to the Resolutions~ I'm writing them out here so I can refer to them at various periods in the year... Will keep a link on the empty tab I have (up there, there's an empty page that contains only my link).
1. Improve my spiritual walk
2. Draw more & sell artwork at events.
3. Make clothes. (Mostly costumes, but I wanna make casual wear too)
4. Successfully complete A levels.
5. Lose weight... and so that I look nice in cosplay, and so that I can look ikemen! (because why on earth are guys so skinny)(by the way I'm actually not that fat, in case I start getting judged as a stereotypical otaku)
---minibreak--- These 5 resolutions were actually made last year in the middle of December. So from No. 6 onwards, these are the resolutions I'm making now.
6. Speak more Japanese & learn more vocabulary.
7. Upload my first proper "utattemita".
8. Take more photos.
9. Save more money.
10. Be less hikikomori.
11. Be less bitter, and try to find the small things to take joy in.

The following would be... wishes (?) rather than resolutions, because I can't exactly accomplish them by myself.
1. I want to find a soulmate, someone who shares the same fandoms as me, and has the same interests as me. I'm really serious on this one. I mean, I do know a few people who like gyaru fashion, Harajuku street style, vocaloid/utaite, and read the same manga as I do, but we aren't really like "chummy-close" to each other, and they already have their own friends to share their love with. The people I'm close with are sadly, not interested in the same interests as me.
2. I want more single friends. In other words, friends who are not attached, who are not lovey-dovey with their partners that it's hard to penetrate their bubble of love. Which leaves me alone, the only single person. I have already accepted that I'm not gonna be able to get a boyfriend, so I can only wish to have more friends who are single.
3. I actually want to dye my hair brown (unsure of what shade) with a thick purple streak going down the right side of my head. I'm not sure if I can achieve it this year, but I'll see. (money issues)

It would be nice if my family could move house this year too... since my dad's been talking about it for very long, and I think the change of environment could do some good for us. But that will depend on many things.
I actually want to do my room up in the Japanese student style. The main reason is so that I can have photoshoots in my own room lol. Because in many manga, there will be scenes where the characters are in someone's/their own room, so I can use my room as a backdrop for those scenes when I'm cosplaying those manga. And to be honest, I really feel that the Japanese student style is quite nice/organised, and to my liking, lol.

Anyway, I seriously need to stop talking so much every time I blog. Goodbye folks, and see you next time!

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