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Here's another random update on my life! So anyway, Lunar New Year was quite fruitful (ahemangbao) so I went to do some shopping that I've been meaning to do for months! I actually ordered some items from CDJapan but they are not here yet because I chose the Registered SAL method (cheapest method that is also trackable) which takes around 1-3 weeks. (well they said the longest is 12 weeks, but hey, this is Singapore... it can't be that bad..)
But! On Monday evening I made an order to Amazon Japan and they have arrived! Okay, the deliveryman tried to deliver it yesterday but I wasn't available, so I got them today. The shipping was expensive ;_; now I know why people use proxies when buying from Amazon Japan even though they ship internationally. Amazon Japan only uses one method, and that International Express Shipping by DHL. But anyway, the packaging was well done lol! It came in a medium-sized box (which I shall put to use, storing items lol) and the items were packed together in a plastic wrapping backed with cardboard and glued to the bottom of the box, so that the items won't fly around the box when handled.

Anyway, here are some of the items I bought! (Yes, pictures, finally)

First one is mikitoP's (みきとP) VOCALO DANSHI VOCALO JYOSHI (ぼかろ男子 ぼかろ女子) album. It also came with some 1, 2 Fanclub 4-koma drawn by YORI in the lyrics booklet.
いーあるふぁんくらぶ (1, 2 Fanclub; Ii aru Fankurabu)
非公開日誌 (Private Journal; Hikoukai Nisshi)
世田谷ナイトサファリ (Setagaya Night Safari)
夕立のりぼん (Evening Rain Shower Ribbon; Yuudachi Ribon)
country mom /feat.鏡音リン
ぼっち幸福論 (Lonely Happiness Theory(?); Bocchi Koufuku Ron)
いーあるふぁんくらぶ りみっくす :emon (1, 2 Fanclub remix by emon)
ガリベン広瀬の勝利 (The Victory of the geek Hirose; Gariben Hirose no Shouri)
サリシノハラ feat.愛島 (mikitoP's self-cover of SARISHINOHARA)

Second one is also mikitoP's CD, SetsunaPLUS+ (刹那プラス+)
ねぐら (Roost; Negura, an instrumental intro)
心臓デモクラシー (Heart Democracy; Shinzou Demokurashii)
小夜子 (Sayoko)
コカコーラタイム (Coca-Cola Time; Kokakoora Taimu)
絆創膏 (Plaster; Bansoukou)
若草物語 (Young Grass Story(?); Wakakusa Monogatari)
刹那プラス (Instantaneous Plus; Setsuna Purasu)
夕暮れツイッター /feat.GUMI (Twitter at Twilight; Yuugure Tsuittaa)
sayoko /feat.dateken (dateken's arrangement of Sayoko)

And the last CD is Last Note.'s first trip! Has a DVD Compilation of a few of the Vocaloid MVs that he has uploaded on NND, but I think 1 isn't up on NND. It also came with a illustration book (first trip Visual Note.), which has the lyrics, some MV screenshots and illustrations by the original illustrator for the song's MV. I was quite surprised when I saw it, because I wasn't expecting it, haha.
セツナトリップ (Instantaneous Trip; Setsuna Torippu)
放課後ストライド (After-school Stride; Houkago Sutoraido)
少女暴動 (A Girl's Riot; Shoujo Boudou)
ノイジーラバーソウル (Noisy Lover Soul; Noijii Rabaa Souru)
恋愛勇者 (Dating/Love/Romantic Hero; Ren'ai Yuusha)
キャラメルヘヴン (Caramel Heaven; Kyarameru Hevun)
オサナナブルー (Childhood Blue(?); Osanana Buruu)
ルートスフィア (Route Sphere; Ruuto Sufia)
ラストエフェクト (Last Effect; Rasuto Efekuto)
リトル・ディアレスト (Little Dearest; Ritoru Diaresuto)
ワンステップ・レイヤード (One-step Layered; Wansuteppu Reiyaado)
アカツキアライヴァル (Daybreak Arrival(A Rival); Akatsuki Araivaru)
デッドラインサーカス (Deadline Circus; Deddorain Saakasu)

Other items I bought were the two novels for K! Super happy that I managed to get them, because they were sold out at Kino and I couldn't order them in D; Then when I saw that Amazon had them stocked I was like ZETTAI KAU. Hahaha. I bought the soft cover Kodansha Box version. Seriously, the books are so *o* like yeah I can't find an adjective right now lol. The box has a really nice grain and the books' page edges were coloured blue and red to match the Kings. The actual book cover has an illustration of their Sword of Damocles (but it's not very clear, probably there for design/aesthetics lol /shot)

Super happy today, heeheehee 2828. Can't wait for CDJapan stuff to arrive. And hopefully I don't have to order from Amazon again D; expensive ah. Will be buying some more stuff soon~
I'll probably romanise all the lyrics that are not out on the internet yet, for my personal use, and I'll post them here as well. Will put them under a read-more so I don't spam my blog's front page. (Maybe I should start doing that for my future lyrics entries....)

So there! It's almost 3AM, ack. I will go to sleep soon~
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