Happy Lunar New Year!
Date: Tuesday, 12 February 2013 ( 01:21 ) 0 comments

Yo yo! Alrights, so I totally forgot about blogging to usher in the New Year and wish all you guys a Prosperous Lunar New Year /slapped. 本当にごめんなさい

Anyways~ It's already the end of 初二, I am so sorry for not greeting you guys earlier! But, how has everyone's New Year been so far? I think many people go visiting for all 3 days, but for me I only visit my grandparents on Day 1. My dad usually just stays home and watch TV shows (and sleeps uncharacteristically late). Yeah. Well, I do stay home and use the computer for the whole day as well....
AH! Just to mention the Popin' Cooking video Nanami and I had planned, we actually didn't manage to play with it on Thursday because some family matters cropped up (for me) so we had to postpone it. Maybe within the week or so!
I don't think anyone knows, but I'm super obsessed with K lately (actually ever since it started). (like totally. My feels just exploded after it ended) Not sure if I'm getting more otaku or if K was really just that awesome. Because let's face it, I've been a almost-hikikomori for 2 years. (I do go out when I need to, I just don't actively make plans to, so I stay at home like 90% of the time). At least I'm going to school everyday but outside that I'm still a hikki. *nods*

Anyway! I'm super excited because there's gonna be Season 2 so I hope that will really flesh out the universe, characters and round it up properly! I think the Green King MAY have been eaten (??) by the Colourless King but it's just a guess. I hope we get to see the other Clans at least. And also I want to know why does SCEPTER4 dislike the Green Clan (or at least is bad with them). Ahhhh seriously though. AND ALSO. I tried ordering K SIDE: BLUE & K SIDE: RED through Kino, but I think they couldn't order it in........ I'm really bad at reading novels but I just wanna keep it! (I bought Vampire Knight novella when I was in Japan in DEC'09 and I haven't even read them yet even though I can read Kagerou Days) I actually vaguely remember the first line of VK Novella Ice Blue Sin I think. Something about a "St. Chocolat Day" (LOLOL we all know where that comes from).

PIKO's Vocaloid Concept Album "HITOKOE -42701340-" is gonna be released on the 20th! Super excited and I will also take this chance to order a few other CDs in and then have them shipped together =w= Planning to order K Artbook Vol 2 (Because Vol 1 was already closed for pre-order when I found out about it....) in March, along with root5's new single (I swear I'm not gonna listen to the song for like a week or something because my heart can't take it. WHAT IS UP WITH THE LYRICS)
And also, Dasoku and Mi-chan seriously have to use other sites to sell their CDs because it's bloody expensive to get them through a secondary service because THREE! and Animate don't ship outside Japan.

Alright I talk too much. I should sleep soon and also I should really be getting in shape for studying and all orz sigh.
*LIY でした

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