So my CDs have not arrived...
Date: Monday, 25 March 2013 ( 02:00 ) 0 comments

Yosha yosha mina-san konbanwassu.
So I did say that I was expecting my Shuuen Re:Write & ROOT FIVE albums by Friday... but they have not arrived. *gloom* I'm pretty much checking the tracking everyday. Some more CDs are getting released soon~~
And also from Thursday to today (Sunday) Kinokuniya had a 20% off for members!! But being ever broke.... hurhurhur. I'm just gonna wait for the Summer one. And hopefully AMNESIA artbook will be in stock. It was in one week and then after a few days I dropped by Kino it was GONE. OTL and also I hope the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles artbook will be in stock too.

But anyway, on Saturday I went Cold Storage to buy snacks!
Meiji Horn! I've never eaten it before so I bought it to try~
And this is caramel pudding-flavoured KitKat balls. It's called BIG LITTLE lol I don't even get what it means. It's not bad. Sweet. But for the size of the packet..... the number of balls in it is.... I would rather buy maltesers, this would do as a rare treat.
Last item I bought was this COPAN. It's like mini garlic bread slices! It's really nice and crunchy =w=

Recently I also got tuition for a few subjects. Yeah. I'm someone who needs tuition because she has no guts to ask a teacher questions. So I end up spending my dad's money yeah okay everyone can come bash me nao. *gloom* I tried a period of no tuition and try to ask my teachers about my schoolwork but I failed horribly. My schoolwork and test results ended up like... lol. I remember when I was in Sec 3 I got 0 for a mini quiz in Elementary Maths. Ahaha.... But busy busy nowadays, so I'm not blogging alot.
Plus my life isn't really that interesting so I don't have anything to blog about. Mm. But I feel bad for just posting lyrics because first and foremost this is a personal blog lol. no matter how chapalang it becomes. Okeh I'm sorry for using so much Singlish here m(_ _)m わからないなら無視してください

Ohoh and today reality gave me a slap in the face lol. Because Cosfest used to be in June, so I always put Cosfest in the group of "first half of the year events". But in recent years it's been held in July, but it hasn't registered to my slow brain that it's considered a "second half of the year event" now. Until this afternoon. Haha. Then it hit me that after Cosfest it's two months to STGCC and I'll have to get my costumes + wig by then and if I haven't ordered my AFA/EOY cosplays by then I'll have to do it by STGCC and I have to start making my props and also stress about A levels. (this girl has messed-up priorities. Someone knock some sense into me)
I should really study hard. Or else a only a miracle can get me into FASS next year.

And also I actually bought some other stuff from Japan (through a proxy) but she hasn't got back to me on shipping to here. I trust her so I'm not worried but I am getting a leeeeettle bit impatient. I also ordered a doujinshi from another proxy because the first one can't order from Toranoana anymore so I had to find someone who could. Meh okay maybe this Sun if there still isn't a reply I'm gonna send an email. Maybe.

Okay I have school tomorrow so I really should go to sleep like nao. See you guys next timeee
*LIY でした

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