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Performed by: Hatsune MIKU (Append Soft I think, but it's not stated anywhere)
Music & Lyrics: marasy (まらしぃ)
Kanji lyrics can be found on his blog

totsuzen tachidomaru
kocchi socchi acchi socchi docchi
"chikoku shiteshimau yo"

e ni kaita you na
hito no nami ni nomareteiku

sagashi samayoi mayoikomu deguchi no nai meiro da
kyou mo dare ka no senaka no ato wo tsuiteiku dake

hachi juu hachi no oto no sekai
tatakaite kurikaeshi toikakeru sonata
suki to kirai ga majiriatta boku no sakebi wa
kimi ni wa todokanai ndarou ka

shiro to kuro no
hageshiku kanadeta unmei wa rit suru
boku to kimi to wa nido to majiwaranai nda
mata hako no naka tojikomoru

ano toki sou kimi wa
kitto zutto mattetan darou
"itsuka mata ne" to

daisuki datta
oto no nami ni nomareteiku
okashii na

kono hako no
neiro ni wa
boku ga ite
kimi ga ite

kidzuita yo
kono kimochi
sekai wa hirakareta

kasuka ni kikoeta hako no naka
arifureta kotae wa iranai
kanjita mama no sono kanshoku de
kimi ni tsutaetai

hachi juu hachi no oto no sekai
tatakaite kurikaeshi toikakeru sonata
suki mo kirai mo majiriatta boku no sakebi ga
kore ga boku no kanaderu oto da

shiro to kuro no
yasashiku kanadeta unmei wa tsudzuiteku
boku to kimi to wa oto de tsunagatteru nda
kono neiro yo towa ni hibike

-Original Video (from NicoNico Videos)

Marasy also has a YouTube account!

Romanised by *LIY
YAY :D I've been waiting for this song to be uploaded since I heard it on Marasy's V-BOX. I like Miku's tuning here =w= I really like Marasy's Vocaloid songs, especially cat's dance. Love Letter to the Girl of my Fantasy is also really great~ And the PV for that was by CHRIS.
This PV is really beautiful! I love the modelling~ especially the beginning when the piano was being put together.
Marasy also added some comments about what this song means in his blog.
I'll just roughly translate what he said on his blog about the song.
"blackbox" refers to the piano. And the song is about liking something but having occasions when you end up hating it.
Marasy loves the piano but because of practice, there has been periods when he hated it. Especially in his third year of high school.
[I totally understand. I really loved the piano when I was young, and could play melodies on the piano. To me, it was really fascinating that you can create music so simply(?), but I really hated practice, because there would be times when I can't get a certain part right, and everywhere else is okay, except that one part and I would get really frustrated. And also, I had a lot of other friends who played/learned the piano and were all exceptionally better than me, so I felt really -meh-]
His parents were pretty enthusiastic(?) about his learning the piano [I bet all the westerners are like "typical Asian parents" lol. But true…] and they were pretty Spartan, always telling him to practise.
After he started uploading on NicoNico and playing his favourite tunes, he began to recall the fun of playing the piano. He slightly felt like he had returned to the time when he first started the piano and was always excited.

Anyway, random useless information: I stopped playing when I was 12, and I'm pretty old [no not really old old but, for piano] now to be continuing piano studies, but yeaaaaah. Actually I don't have a piano at home because it got sold, which was why I stopped. I want to complete Grade 8. That was what I wanted to do since I started, so I will achieve it. (To be honest I want to do diploma, but um. I don't really need to do a diploma….I'm not that musically inclined. I just play the piano, unlike a lot others who play in a symphonic band (as a club activity) or practise more than one instrument. I had a friend who played the piano, violin and the trumpet (band). Actually, I knew quite a few people from my school days who played the piano + violin + one other instrument. Hmm.)

Oh, and I like the mix of the song (: It's by Katmax, and the mastering is by Tom Coyne.
And, "rit" is a musical term which means to slow down (just go google it /hit). And in the original lyrics for the "tataikaite kurikaeshi" part, "kurikaeshi" was actually written in musical notation in the PV. If you go watch the PV, "kurikaeshi" was replaced by the repeat sign. (so yes, kurikaeshi means repetition). Yep. Actually now I'm wondering, what are notes called in Japanese. :/ Like y'know, a crochet and a minim. Or a breve... Hmmm...

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