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Okay, I haven't been blogging at all recently because I'm really too much of a lazy person *bows* and also blogging regularly isn't really a habit nowadays, since I kicked it like in mid-2012, because I was blogging way too crazy stuff (like you don't even want to know...).
And it's really getting hot here in Singapore and it makes me feel like not doing anything 何もしたくない何をやる気が起きない
My electronic devices are heating up like....*shakes head* Not sure if it's because my phone is dying (and I dropped it twice from my height yesterday too ;_;) or if it's really the temperature here, but it keeps hitting 40~45 degress Celsius, which is obviously not a healthy temperature for your battery to be at.
This morning I went to Macs nearby to buy McBreakfast and the moment I stepped out of my house I just started perspiring and it's only 11 in the morning excuse me? And the air-conditioning everywhere else is so freaking cold, can you imagine stepping out of a bus and be greeted by this crazyass heat. OTL I just wanna nua on my bed. I don't even wanna read doujinshi because I'll leave fingerprint marks on the covers because of the heat. =="

Anyway, this is probably gonna be a photo-less(?) post because I am too lazyyy and my phone lags way too much nowadays it gets irritating to edit the photos I take.
Oh, I don't have a working air-con in my house by the way. All the air-cons in my house are spoilt somehow or the other. Like the one in my room doesn't blow cold air.....==" the only working air-con we have is currently in a room we don't use. At all. *dies*

Okay, back to what I'm planning to update here on this space.
1 KOC doujinshi!
They arrived on Wednesday afternoon~ And my proxy was so nice to get a paper (ペーパー) from K&T/炬燵太郎 for me even though I didn't ask for any doujinshi from that circle. (Well I did want the cup..but it's kinda small for my liking. I like big mugs~ 500mlくらい) She placed the 2 papers (other from Quartierlatin) in a file and when I opened the packaged I saw Kotaro's paper first, and I was so so so surprised and excited and when I saw that it was really from Kotaro I was like freaking happy I instagrammed it instantly. Plus Kotaro didn't upload her paper on pixiv (Wasi did so I knew how it looks like). Kotaro's style is so damn pretty seriously. Her guys are all damn ikemen and her girls look damn cool and beautiful. I only think that she spaces eyes too far apart sometimes but that's of little concerrrrnnnn *flowers everywhere*

2 PASH May
Bought this from AmazonJP because Kino sold out lol. And I also forgot how hard PASH posters are to remove... haiiz. Btw I totally bought this just for the S4 poster lol. Content-wise.... hmm.... Okay la. /hit

3 I fell sick on Wednesday (lolwut)
HAHAHA YEA. I think it's cus I didn't drink alot of water the previous 2 days and the weather was just killer so I had a bit of dry/sore throat which resulted in a bit of cough and I had vocal lesson so I was singing and then after that when I reached home: full-blown cough lolol.
The next morning ended up with blocked/runny nose + super crazy cough = sick liao lor. lolol. Couldn't go for class and tuition the whole day. Srsly when I fall sick I'm just bed-ridden. And I don't feel like eating or doing anything so I just lie in bed and suffer (while tweeting about it lolol). It actually feels pretty terrible ahaha my immune system is getting worse. Didn't use to get sick so badly or often when I was younger (oh, the irony)
Anyway, the next day (yesterday) I ended up with a fever as well SIGH. Plus headache because in my body headache = fever.
Srsly mannn don't wanna fall sick again but with this kind of weather.... HAIIZ.

I'm almost okay already though, just have cough and a little bit of blocked nose. Was planning to see doctor today last night but ended up I didn't need to~ Yay. (doctors are expensive...actually I don't even know what means expensive for me anymore lol my sense of values is warped. btw to see a doctor at the polyclinic is 10bucks)

I probably should cook dinner soon.


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