I'm still sick..
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Konbanwa mina-san~

Today I finally managed to buy stuff I've been wanting for super long (probably since the beginning of the year), from ASOS! I think many people know about ASOS already, right...? The thing most people know about that is probably their free standard shipping worldwide. So I just placed/sent my order this evening and I hope they arrive soon! :D Bought a pair of flats and 3 stockings/tights lol. Will do up another entry when they arrive, whee!

I'm also gonna talk about anime that are coming soon (summer anime)!
Ok, I just wanted an excuse to mention Brothers Conflict. Have I talked about it already?? No, I don't think so ahaha. Anyway, go check out the website for the game (by Otomate which makes it even more awesome) and the anime!
It's one of those games for people with weird interests (cough um lol) like a brother complex, or something because in this game you can choose to fall in love with one of your 13 brothers. And the youngest brother is 10 years old lol. (shota alert), and the oldest is 31 (but he's a doctor and he's actually pretty good-looking and even though he's a doctor he can't handle blood lol?!). OH and there's also a cross-dressing novelist brother.
My 3 favourite characters are: Louis/Rui (瑠生), a hair-stylist or beautician (I think more towards hairstyling). He seems pretty close to Ema's squirrel(called Julie/Juri which is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi what on earth); and the identical(?) twins Azusa (梓) and Tsubaki (椿), professional seiyuus! According to the website profile, they apparently "sell"(?) in a package, which means when they voice-act for something both of them have to be hired together, I think. I know that they don't look identical at all, but it's mentioned in their profiles that they "come from the same egg" so yea that means they're identical twins right? OH, and actually to be more accurate, they are triplets with the 7th son Natsume (棗) who doesn't look a single bit similar!! (LOL)
Wanna play otome games but I'm really not the kinds to play games lol. I bought Really? Really! for DS once. I started it one day and. I haven't gone back to it (Eh well it's not an otome game but just sayin')

Summer is really such a good time~ All the new animes airing in JULY!
Actually it's just FREE! and Brothers Conflict I'm really interested in. But I think other summer animes coming out are AoHaRide (or Aoharu Ride) and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (really love the manga and the mangaka's other works!). So 4 animes to look forward to! (With A levels at the end of the year... why do I feel like this is not going well..)
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! is also coming out with an anime in July lol. That was pretty unexpected.

Alright, I shall end this post here. I'm still sick, and I don't wanna go to school tomorrow D; blah.

*LIY でした

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