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Hello~ today is another "feels" day lol. Today there was this K event "K - Who is the next" and I think there was some mook (magazine book) on early sale at the event and some people got hold of it and started tweeting bits and pieces of information from the mook. I woke up to excited tweets on my timeline from the Japanese pixiv artists I follow on Twitter LOL. I think the mook only goes on sale on 6 June, but I actually have no idea because the tweets I got this info from were also quite unsure of that.

Anyway, some tweets that were pretty popular were those of the profiles of the minor characters! (S4 and Homra) I will just translate/compile them here~

Scepter 4 profile (from Chiro's twitter: 1, 2)
秋山氷杜 (Akiyama Himori) ... Blood type A・25 y/o・175cm・Bday 20 Oct・Sabre's name: 垂氷(TARU HI)
弁財酉次郎 (Benzai Yuujirou) ... Blood type O・24 y/o・180cm・Bday 28 Dec・Sabre's name: 残照(ZAN SHOU)
加茂劉芳 (Kamo Ryuuho) ... Blood type A・26 y/o・183cm・Bday 26 Mar・Sabre's name: 虎徹(KO TETSU)
道明寺アンディ (Doumyouji Andy) ... Blood type AB・19y/o・182cm・Bday 4 Jun・Sabre's name: エクスカリバー (EKUSUKARIBAA / Excalibur)
榎本竜哉 (Enomoto Tatsuya) ... Blood type A・22y/o・173cm・Bday 30 Apr・Sabre's name: たつやのつるぎ(TATSUYA NO TSURUGI)
布施大輝 (Fuse Daiki) ... Blood type B・23 y/o・172cm・Bday 8 Nov・Sabre's name: ハガネ (HAGANE)
五島 蓮 (Gotou Ren) ... Blood type B・20y/o・183cm・Bday 12 Feb・Sabre's name: ポチ (POCHI)
日高 暁 (Hidaka Akira) ... Blood type O・22 y/o・187cm・Bday 12 Dec・Sabre's name: GSX (Great Slasher X)

Now let us take a break and let me comment on some of their sabre names.... *facepalms*
When I first found out Andy's sabre name, I was like "that is so Andy I don't even" LOLOL. And unexpectedly he's 19!! :O And everyone in Scepter 4 is so young woah, from Andy onwards, like "did you guys go straight from high school?! oioi at least go to university wwww". I first found out Andy's sabre name (but I already knew Enomoto's one from some info GoRa released like waaay back) and I was like "Andy's and Enomoto's names just take the cake man." And then I found out Hidaka's. Immediate reaction: HIDAKA YOU WIN. And Gotouuuu is your sabre a pet lol!
Oh, and yes Fushimi's sabre name was also revealed but in other tweets. We also know his other profile info from the K Trading CD where he and Misaki interviewed each other. Will compile them below:

伏見猿比古 (Fushimi Saruhiko) ... Blood type AB・19y/o・178cm・Bday 7 Nov・Sabre's name: 昴 (SUBARU)
(Sabre's name gotten from Nagura on Twitter)

Was quite surprised when I found out his sabre name... because it was kinda like I didn't expect Fushimi to properly give it a name, and Subaru is actually a pretty nice name. (Someone I follow on Twitter thinks that maybe Munakata named it instead, and hey that actually sounds plausible o_o)

I also saw this retweet on my TL and someone drew a height comparison chart for the Scepter 4 side characters. The height variance actually looks pretty funny when compared like that fufu.
Link to the tweet is here!

Oh yes, someone also compiled all the S4 members' sabre names here and it includes Munakuata's & Seri's. Munakata's was revealed the same time as Enomoto, and I think Seri's as well, but I can't really remember. So, Munakata's sabre's name is Sirius (天狼 TEN ROU), and Seri's is Kikyou (桔梗).

I also found out profile info for the rest of the members in HOMRA~ from Memoko's twitter. [Side note: I actually don't follow any of the accounts linked here. I discovered these tweets either from RT's or by searching Twitter. not sure why i have to say that]

赤城翔平 (Akagi Shouhei) ... 20 y/o・175cm・Tattoo: Left upper arm
坂東三郎太 (Bandou Saburouta /San-chan)... 20 y/o・182cm・Tattoo: On the navel/belly
千歳 洋 (Chitose You) ... 22 y/o・175cm・Tattoo: Left hip
出羽 将臣 (Dewa Masaomi) ... 22 y/o・176cm・Tattoo: Right flank (waist-area)
エリック・スルト (Eric Surt) ... 18 y/o・180cm・Tattoo: Left shoulder
藤島 幸助 (Fujishima Kousuke) ... 21 y/o・178cm・Tattoo: Right thigh

Their ages really shocked me. Yep. Well I guess Eric's age seems pretty normal, considering his background (parents died but he can't live on his own = still not adult /my logic). Chitose's tattoo is at a pretty nice place huh... LOL /slapped. But such a womaniser at age 22... That's really... I thought Chitose was at least older, like 24.... Seriously. He's like those university flirts who sleeps with almost every single girl on campus (lolwtf what kind of category is that).
But everyone is so young in Homra huh!

After this point is my BL shipping crap lol. Don't proceed if you have no interest.

Anyway, the reason why I even started the post was cus of the characters' birth flowers lol. That was where all the feels came from lol. Actually just Fushimi's and Akiyama's birth flowers sorry *coughs*

Basically, some people started to check up the birth flowers (and their hanakotoba) after they found out the characters' birthdays and I saw this tweet retweeted on my TL (here)
Basically it says that Fushimi's birth flower is the marigold and its hanakotoba is "sadness", and Akiyama's birth flower is the Japanese gentian/bellflower (it's not the standard bellflower; I don't know what's the difference. The normal bellflower is ベルフラワー) and its hanakotoba is "I nestle in your grief".
The Japanese is 貴方の悲しみに寄り添う. First half 貴方の悲しみ = your sadness. Last part/verb 寄り添う (YORISOU) means "to get close, cuddle close together, nestle close to, snuggle up to" (according to my app because I am forever lazy to grab my dictionaries). So. Yeaaah. Not sure how I should translate it, but like. Well. Yeah ok I give up.
Oh, another note. Japanese flower language is different from standard flower language (or flower language in English)
And according to different sites, the birth flowers may be different. Some may overlap, some may be completely different lists. And usually a birthday has more than one flower. (I have like 8 from 4~6 different sites, but only 2 occur 4 times)

Saying that Fushimi's birth flower is the marigold is actually pretty abstract because it's only listed once or twice out of the same number of sites, but well, anything goes~ *shrugs* Akiyama as well. Other flowers occur more often than the Japanese gentian. And all his birth flowers are just. 秋山マジ天使

So the last sentence in that tweet is actually "Oi, official" (as in official site, official info, basically what we mean when we say canon). It's for all the AkiFushi/FushiAki shippers out there lol.

Usually the flowers will clash(?) with other birthdays, as in they are the birth flower for more than one birthday. For 20 Oct though, there is one flower that belongs to that date only, and that is the spray chrysanthemum. (It's a colour I think)
And the hanakotoba for the spray chrysanthmum is "I love you". ;_;

Btw, the flower that occurred the most for Fushimi's birthday is the tansy, but it means "virtue of a wife" so yeah, a bit senseless.

Marigold also has more than one meaning actually, and aside from "sadness", there is "jealousy" (sarumi) and "pitiful (feelings of) love/affection". Btw the word used for pitiful actually has other meanings such as "lovely, cute, sweet" so if you wanna see it in a positive way then... But being Chinese and seeing the kanji... it's pretty hard to identify "karen" to mean "lovely" lol.

The site that I'm using for the hanakotoba and birth flowers is here.
Some other flowers for Akiyama's birthday are petunia, winged spindle and Japanese rowan (aside from spray chrysanthemum and Japanese gentian)
These flowers are all very..hmm. All these flowers, in their hanakotoba they mean a message, than just a phrase or word; always referring to a "you". For example petunia: When I am with you my heart is at ease.
The Japanese gentian gives alot of feels though. "I like you when you are being sad", "Lonely (feelings of) love/affection". Also means "chastity" and "sincerity".
The winged spindle: "I carve in my heart your charm", "your fate", "a risky play(as in playing around/playing games, not a staged play)"
Japanese rowan: "I feel reassured if you are with me", "a heart that is not neglected"

I talk way too much crap. 秋伏=本命CP

btwbtw, according to another site, Akiyama's birthday has this other flower called a butterfly bush, and it means "Don't forget me". *dies*. Srsly, what is this coincidence. (Maybe it's just us fujoshi who know how to twist circumstances to fit us. okay i'm sorry)

Speaking of uncanny coincidences, my name and one of my birth flowers have the same meaning lol. And even my birthday is near the day.

So YEAH. I shall end here and let's see what else I'll blog about next time!
*LIY でした

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