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Date: Wednesday, 8 May 2013 ( 04:15 ) 0 comments

Konnyachiwassu! (ok i'm sorry: Kon'nichiwa)

I bought some magazines for the month of JUNE~ KERA, Popteen and 別冊spoon 2Di Vol 35.
Lately, for me, KERA hasn't been much interesting. But it does give me alot of inspiration for the boku-girl style (or dansou男装/cross-dressing) and as usual, alot of make-up tips!
June's Popteen was much better than May's though.. But I think May's was rather interesting as they did a survey among guys on what they like in a girl and other stuff (so that girls can better understand guys and therefore get a bf). I like the current fashion trends going on now - most of it. And I got to see more Pikarin and Saaya~ I think Saaya is a pretty cute (personality) girl and I hope she continues to work hard in Popteen!

The cover for spoon2Di was Tamako Market this time! And Attack on Titan was the Wcover. There was a 22-page special on Tamako Market, which contains interviews with the main production team (director, character design, setting...) & main cast, special images and some extra information (like the people of shopping district and inspiration behind the different chara designs). I'm also pretty convinced I have the attention span of 1 interview (lol). Director's (Yamada Naoko) interview was special so it was like 4 pages long I think... I wanted to give up halfway. Then after that I gave up reading the rest.
Kaji Yuuki also had an interview in spoon2Di, for his role as Eren in Attack on Titan which I also wanted to read but couldn't bring myself to. Mm. And an interview with KARNEVAL's mangaka. spoon2Di is pretty much all interviews for its issues.

Buttt. The poster for this issue was. (stars all over) A1 size. And the printing was so pretty, actually more like the resolution was so high, and the details were captured beautifully. AND KUSANAGI-SAN W/O HIS GLASSES. But the main point is: military uniforms. Yes I love military uniforms, in 3D or 2D. When spoon released a preview (I'm guessing), and news got all over that the poster would be military uniforms, the people I followed on pixiv all got to drawing Sarumi in military uniforms, and a few MikotoRei, one Anna, one Seri...even the Gold and Silver Kings, and when I checked the K tag, I discovered a Akiyama and Benzai military uniform sketch. Aaaahh seriously melting under all the military uniforms goodness.

Okay. Enough spazzing haha.
And I also went to Bishan Library on Sun and slacked my whole afternoon off there. The 2nd floor, specifically the shelves at the farthest left, is just full of good books. I personally prefer buying fiction books/novels than borrowing them, don't know why. I also hardly find good fiction books at the library, to be honest. Oh, and I rarely borrow photography books even though photog is a passion of mine. I would borrow those on digital imaging, but I haven't got any software (ahem, photoshop/lightroom, the works) to try out the techniques on.

Planning on getting Photoshop maybe at the end of the year, who knows. Or maybe when I get into university. Also wanna get Paint Tool SAI (for which I'll require Windows). I wanna try out Illustrator as well, but I may not get as much use out of it.

Alright! I talk too much. It is 4 in the morning right now, and I have to be up in like 6hours, so good day everybody!

*LIY でした

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