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Date: Thursday, 13 June 2013 ( 00:25 ) 0 comments

I write such boring titles I bore myself.
So school started (after 2 weeks of break, which might as well no break because I've totally lost my momentum for going to school orz) and I really gotta buck up la basically omg. less than half a year to A's and I haven't even started studying seriously wtf.

And also I need to wake up earlier lol so that I can collect my parcels. If not my dad keeps accepting the packages... Um... somehow I don't really like the idea of that because he'll know I'm spending money on stuff he doesn't agree with. (Like CDs. He thinks CDs are useless things. I have a lot of them by the way. Maybe I'll count them and list them out when I move house.)

But anyway, I just ordered kemu's PANDORA VOXX REBOOT from Amazon JP (and here's hoping they'll arrive before I move lol. Hopefully they'll arrive on Friday)
To be honest I don't really follow/listen to kemu's PANDORA song series (lesser than KagePro) but the REBOOT album is an utaite version! "Official cover album", as described.
And I listen to all of the utaites who participated in it lol (Okay, except GERO and Utakawa Sakura)
Um yeah I bought the limited edition (so ex.. ;_;) because of Disc3 = Suzumu's arranges. Heard a little from the crossfade uploaded on NicoDou~ (after I bought the album LOL. Who buys an album first then listens to sample hahaha)

Tomorrow I'll be going to catch the movie EPIC! I love animated films yes. Almost all the movies I watch are animated, actually. I hardly watch live-action movies...on my own accord. :/ Hmm.

Well. I guess I shall go work on the romanisation for Mekakucity Records lyrics (halfway there...!) and then maybe start packing some of my stuff for the move. I can totally hear my dad and sister doing it now and they'll prolly ask me to do it soon. Eep.

Will blog again when I get PANDORA VOXX REBOOT! :D

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