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Hello everybody! It's once again 1:42 in the morning. LOL.
So, Jin (Shizen no Teki P)'s new album for Kagerou Project, Mekakucity Records (メカクシティレコーズ) has gone on sale and yours truly went to get it from Amazon JP. (It ended up being cheaper than CDJapan, even after shipping, so I got it from there)
Even though I should be saving for my Taobao shopping....
Because I wanted the limited edition album!!


From top left: Cardboard sleeve for the CD&DVD (bottom right), a box, the booklet for the limited ed, CD&DVD digipak (special design for the limited ed) and the lyrics booklet.

As always, when I write about the CDs I get, I post up photos of how they look like inside!
When you open the digipak, this is what you see:

The bottom are the CD & DVD~ (Can you guess which is which?)

The tracklist is also written in the digipak (Will prolly do a master post romanisation for the songs within the week or something) UPDATE!Romanised the lyrics for Mekakucity Records here

BY THE WAY. According to the booklet in the album, the anime's title will be "Mekakucity Actors".

So that is all! And I really wanna get Michaon's album (releasing soon) but I think I won't be able to get the tokuten ;_; SIGH. It's okay, I don't use mouse pads anyway............. *comforts self*

Oh, and the K mook I mentioned previously (here) went on sale 6 Jun! At Animate stores throughout Japan and online as well. Want to get mafumafu's Meikyou Shisui at the same time but I don't have enough money meh.

I also mentioned previously that I was going to Batam for a getaway! Came back on Monday late afternoon. We didn't do much, just a bit of Go Kart (and some people really can't drive, wow. And I think I'd make an awesome driver, but driving lessons are expensive in SG and I won't have a car to drive anyway), had seafood for lunch, Indonesian food for dinner, bits of window-shopping/looking around in between. We stayed at Turi Beach, and our room overlooked the sea!! Could hear the waves~

How the outside of the rooms look like, from the pool (which you can't see lol, sorry)

Beware of monkeys, apparently. (Nope didn't encounter any)

My package from ASOS also arrived on Tuesday (I think)! Here's a photo of my new flats! (Which are slightly loose, and really slippery. Really, what kind of ground do the British step on? I feel like I could slide around on these shoes in SG's shopping malls)

I also bought three pairs of tights, and I haven't worn them yet, so maybe I take photos of them when I do!

So here concludes the post for today, see you next time!

*LIY でした

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