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Minna konnichiwaaaassu!
I've been really busy the past week, from last Mon til today! Actually, the event I was busy for is already over, but I've been busy catching up with what I've missed due to the event. And catching up on sleep, unpacking and packing stuff, while returning to reality hahaha (school *gloom*)

Anyway, just to briefly update here, I've been busy with the COSMO Youth Parade/SHINE Youth Festival held last Saturday at *SCAPE (Somerset)!!
Yes, I was part of the main crew at the event!
How it came about was that my friends were the PIKA PIKA Meido (Suzume started off the idea all by herself, and we all decided to join in with her! Isn't she awesome! And we have so many lovely community friends who gave us support and pushed us on, I'm really happy for Suzume!), and the organiser for COSMO contacted her to ask if she has any friends who are available to help out with them for COSMO as they are short-handed (after some conflicts led to a few people resigning)
Seinou and I were available to help out (and we could speak Chinese) and so it led to us becoming part of the crew as liaison for the cosplayers that COSMO invited! (YES KING X MON, MISA, YUI & SAFFRON!)

Our weekend started from Thursday morning and ended on Sunday noon! It has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement and while there has been issues, I will not blog/mention anything about it. The cosplayers have all been so very very nice and uploaded statuses on their Facebook pages to clarify all the rumours and criticism we have received. YUI also updated her blog, and it has been very interesting reading about our 4 days with each other through her perspective!
I actually blogged super super long on Thursday night after I reached home, but that will be a personal blog post I will not upload. It's full of spaz and craziness I don't think anyone will want to read it.
But I really have to say, the cosplayers are all really nice people.
Really miss them now! All I've been wanting to talk about these few days are the events over the past weekend and COSMO because I really miss the guests TTATT

Okay, so that was my weekend xD
Haven't gone to NND for over a week as well, and so many new songs have been uploaded, including O-tsukimi Recital and the next instalment of Mikagura School Suite! Haven't gone around to romanising these songs yet (except O-tsukimi, which I have done and uploaded here).
Oh, and new CDs are getting released, but I haven't got the money to buy them yet, because I just went Taobao and bought some cosplay stuff @A@ Maybe in August.

I also have to bring my MacBook into the Apple Service Centre (at Wheelock Place....) because the battery needs servicing :/
Despicable Me 2 is also now screening! Gonna ask my mum out to watch it next week. Did I mention I also watched Monsters University as well? It was really inspiring, that's all I have to say. But I still wanna get a degree. Gotta work hard for that. I have newfound motivation.

But if I really study, I won't be going online at all, so this blog will just be blank and empty.... and. Yeah...
I will try to update, especially when there's interesting things going on, but my posts will be really sporadic from now on. After my A levels okay!

OH YES. What's coming up soon this week is Cosfest! Really excited for Cofest because I wanna buy REIKA's photobook (SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN!!) and meet up with some of my friends I have not seen in really long! I'm really glad for cosplay and animanga, some of us, we really just continue being friends because of this even though we don't see each other often. I'm so glad I took a step out of my comfort zone and joined KiraCandy last year because I wouldn't have made so many awesome friends, met so many lovely people, and got to experience so many great things!

AND NEXT WEEK (13 Jul) IS BonJapan's Theme Cafe. Go visit their website and check it out, if you're in Singapore! I will be working there as one of the meidos~

With this, I shall end this entry.
Will update again soon ((: (Really happy these few days eheh)

*LIY でした

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