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Annyeong! (um ya I like to say that)
Yesterday, (18 Aug/Sun) PIKA PIKA Maid Cafe held their first full maid cafe event at *scape WAREHOUSE, co-organised by COSMO! My friends are the PIKA PIKA meido-san and they asked me to help out at their merchandise booth that day! Along with an acquaintance, Mirai's handsome boyfriend, Jimu!
As I was working at the merchandise booth, I wasn't expecting to take photos or videos, so I didn't bring my camera out, so I have nothing to offer for this entry. m(_ _)m
The event was filled with performances, by the PIKA PIKA meido and also guest performers were invited, thanks to EOY! Wotaroid was also there to support the performances with wotagei off-stage and they were really zai. This is their Facebook page, do check them out:

There were stage games and lively emcee-ing by Mika and Ringo as well. Mika and Ringo really bicker alot wwww Jimu calls them a stand-up comedy lolol. Of course, those who know them understand that this is how they communicate!
Many people took videos of the performances, so I guess they will be posted on PIKA PIKA's Facebook page. Nakitty Channel also went to the event, I think he should have videos up soon~

Well, there wasn't anything much going on that day, since I was at the merchandise booth for the most part. And even if I advertise anything, it's sorta too late lol ;;

This Saturday is Natsumatsuri, organised by the Japanese Association Singapore. AND! FINALLY! I has connections to get advanced tickets ;u; Slap me but I never went for Natsumatsuri in the past (since 6 years ago lol) because I didn't want to queue that long to get in. But it's not confirmed if they can get the tickets, so I'll see how first. If not I also won't go again ;_; If I do manage to go I would wanna borrow a yukata from one of my friends.

AH YES. KOC II was yesterday as well~ I asked my proxy to help me get an anthology (and hopefully the novelty!!main point is the novelty) and also a whole list of items from Fall of Wall 3 (Attack on Titan ONLY event). And Quartierlatin's new doujinshi (Akiyama uke) sold out within half an hour again lol...Maybe because she brings very little stock to the event as she's not sure how many people would buy them since those are super minor pairings. I also bought a lot of doujinshi through mail-order shops. I swear, this is probably the largest amount of doujinshi I've bought in one go. When I converted my yen total I had a heart attack.

I shall end this post here, and I'll update again with Natsumatsuri if I do manage to go, and my doujinshi maybe next week when they all arrive!

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