Rush week!
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Hello hello!!
I'm blogging at 12 in the morning again ahahaha. I need to fix this sleeping pattern of mine before A levels come around uhu. Anyway, Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) is this Saturday/Sunday! AND! I! am still not done with my prop. OTL. But it's alright, I discovered a friend who hasn't even started on anything LOLOL. I'm also super behind(??) on my budget orz I keep overspending (oi what's the point of a budget then).
I'm still deliberating on whether to buy entrance tickets to STGCC because:
a) There's nothing on stage I want to see. I'm not really a fan of the guest cosplayers although being able to see Aza is nice but that's alright.
b) I'm broke. I have to avoid the creators' corner/artist alley/whatever events in SG call doujin booths.
c) I'm broke so there isn't anything I can buy there anyway!!

And I'm going there just to meet up with my friends anyway... I'll be cosplaying Fushimi Saruhiko from K, AND. YES. I'm still half-not even half-way through my sabre-making process. I struggled with the synthetic leather for maybe an hour or so last night. And I can't just drop it because I'm cosplaying with my friend uhu. And also the costume I ordered from Taobao had a few minor inaccuracies I'm really nitpicky about... AND also the wristbands are pink. What. Pink? So I need to buy some fabric dye for that....Fabric dye is expensive TT_TT I could only find them in Spotlight and Spotlight is expensive. I also haven't styled my wig. And I plan to fix the inaccuracies such as moving the buttons (ocd yea ok) and removing the "collar" from the coat. I seriously felt FEEL damn cheated okay because what they sent over was really different from the image they put up on Taobao. Seriously. Cheated ):
I still need to buy foam and blue synthetic leather too ): Synthetic leather is so hard to find, but I haven't searched the entire People's Park Complex and if I still can't find it there I'll go to Arab Street maybe. And I also need to drop by Art Friend (they are in opposite directions despite being in the Bugis area...) I wanted to drop by Art Friend this evening but it turns out that Art Friend in Bras Basah Complex closes damn early! OTL

I should go back to making my prop. And I should find some daytime to spray paint the sabre. And I also need to cut a groove in it... Not sure how, or should I ignore that... (ocd) Haiiz. I forsee alot of improvising when I realise/discover some parts are not made how I like them to be (Come on face it, Liy, you can't make stuff like these perfectly ok). My money is disappearing like the wind.... *reaches*

Anyway, I think I will sleep at 5am tonight, like last night. And wake up at 10am lolol and then go to school and then I have tuition and have a dinner with some friends because one of them came back from London for vacation from uni... and then more chionging of prop or maybe study because I can't spray paint and I don't have time to buy the foam, leather and dye. So I can only buy everything on Wednesday hopefully... oh my god. OTL
Maybe tomorrow I can style my wig/do makeup test. Or alter my costume. I should drop by DAISO and buy $2 sewing kit. (I have no needles nor thread at home. I should build up a collection soon. Before I get my machine. Or when I get it. And also I'm really shy of the shop owners at People's Park Complex I don't even know why lolol)

Thus ends procrastinating post. Ch-chiong ah...! *weakly*

*LIY でした

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